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    I have one here fully rebuilt bud
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    Denso 370 injectors

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    Denso 370 injectors

    Denso 370s direct fit perfect for td04 setup fully working 100 posted
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    Wanted mc chu carbon speed surround

    Trd one any good to youb
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    Trd carbon surround

    I've one bud
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    EP91 Short Shifter

    U still after a shortshifter bud
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    parts for sale

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    Wanted JAM FCD

    One here
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    WEPR or Similar quality TD04 Manifold/Down Pipe

    U after internal or external setup bud
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    Parts wanted

    I've a 60 mm blitz gauge forsale bud
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    EP82 Optional Extras & OEM alloys

    I've a oem 3 point forsale
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    Gt sump and oil pickup

    I've a gt sump need to check if I have pick up aswell bud
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    I've 370 injectors

    I've 370 injectors
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    360cc Injectors

    I've denso 370s for sale mate
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    ECU Plug and Play

    For gt or glanza
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    gearbox 4e, 5e anything

    It's turbo box mate
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    gearbox 4e, 5e anything

    I've one bud in n Ireland tho
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    WTB- Genuine Toyota Glanza wind defectors.

    I have a driver side one there buddy I that's any use to you
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    2015 meets - NORTHSTARS

    username -iparker85 car-ep91 engine -4efte standard turbo-td04 boost-1 bar on emb guesstimate ? 230 or more hopefully
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    2015 meets - NORTHSTARS

    Rr day Count me in for this one lads