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    Looking for EP85 rear diff,arms,tranny everything

    As the title says looking for rear diff, arms, drive shaft, center support bearing, and tranny as well.. The whole AWD drive set-up Need them shipped to USA let me know please.. Thanks in advance
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    Oldie member coming back

    Good to still be here and thankful every morning I wake up because friends I've had lately have gone in their sleep.. And yes I am in Southern California but I'm currently living in Las Vegas where I'm recovering at the moment but the rebuilding will be taking place in SoCal and once it's done...
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    Oldie member coming back

    Thank you And I don't think I had a build thread don't quote me on that though but I will start one this time around to just like me the car's getting a rebirth
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    Oldie member coming back

    Hello once again fellas Well I'm back after about a ten year recess! I'm still on that ⏸ pause button due to on October 25,2017 I suffered a Stroke. I was in an comma for 18 days then I came back. I'm gonna call it my second rebirth lucky to be alive to be typing this.. Anyways I'm back and...
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    Greetings once again!

    Will definitely remember that!!
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    Greetings once again!

    Thanks Sacha good to see your business is doing well!! ;)
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    Greetings once again!

    We probably have not sure where but either way good to salute!
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    Greetings once again!

    Thanks guys glad to be back! Yeah the Tercel has had it's history out here in California in a see of Hondas but I was the only crazy crackhead tweeking it to those extremes! So I'll try and post up where it used to be and where it's at now! 10 years of slumber and what I plan to do on it...
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    Greetings once again!

    Hello again mates! It's been a few years since I logged on lost my log in info and have been on the down low plus I suffered a stroke 3 years ago so I'm recouperating from that glad to be a live.. but now I'm planning my world domination again with my Eptercel from Las a few goodies...
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    emanage ultimate users: reading ignition timming

    Any weird wiring issues of some sort reason asking if you say it runs fine but the logging feature is reading haywire seems odd. have you tried to insulate your ignition reference wires going to the ecu or any radio interference or ignition lead buggs could throw off that signal going back to...
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    Spuddy's ECC Tuned 570BHP Starlet (Highest BHP Known 5E)

    any pics or vidsof those shakedown passes on this beast?? or spec sheet sounds very interesting also congrats on those power figures now its "hooking" time.. thats where im at the suspension tuning.. what 60ft times are you running?? what psi are your slicks at aswell... you should also try...
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    is my afr a bit lean/unsafe at the end of the revs? dyno print outs

    reguardless if its a standard engine or fully forged out the afr's would still be afr's.. in any case this is how i see your graph and how i do my customers cars and mine aswell. first off you want some what BIG NUMBERS nothing too big either where your gonna throw reliability out the window...
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    big hp low et. starlets what engine management

    thanks sheldon.. that is very impressive any others from out there cant really relate to that manny out here in california.. too many hondas :)
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    big hp low et. starlets what engine management

    just trying to get some input on the big hp starlets reguardless if 4e or 5e powered. what engine management are you using and has any been acomplished with the greddy emb or emu to good success of course full stand alones are better just trying to see whos done it with piggybacks... what...
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    FWD Wheelie bar info

    1.6 60ft on 22" slicks @ 8psi before and after burnout and launching at redline with 8psi of boost (poorsmans two step lol) with no wheelie bars a friend of mine on bars 1.7 60ft. in a crx with mad suspension
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    550cc injector fuel pressure

    what type of injector is it?? meaning if you know who made this injector look at there specs or ratings for that perticular injector.. ???cc @ ?? psi... for example rc engineering rates there 550's as follows--- Flow Rate - CC's: 550 CC's / MIN @ 43.5 PSI Flow Rate - LB's: 52 LBS /...
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    EMB+TPSsig+4efte ecu=?

    hence since theres no provision for the TPS signal on the 4efte ecu where does normally everyone get this signal from or how is the air flow map adjusted..theres some different methods ive heard of aswell also does anyone know if any other map sensors can be used on the emb other than the...
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    300whp Jamaica style

    2years and 2months exactly and still going and i drive it like i stole the ish at the tune of 28psi... id say its that mentality that limits one not to push the envelope in my opinion it can be done here,jamaica,malta,sri lanka, and especially i know it can be done in the uk.. and it really...
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    300whp Jamaica style

    there are sensors in the aftermarket world that are made for just that like the J&S KNOCK SENSOR,but on this case the stock 4e-fte computer is fitted with a knock sensor from the factory so when the computer senses knocking or pipping it backs of timing.. knocking or pinging is a force that...
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    5EFTE + EMB + Garret T25

    sr20 s13?? its definately a t25 your should be good with that..