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  1. SKINY

    Ep82 jam 2 plug PNP ECU

    I wanna jam it with you.......
  2. SKINY

    Blow off valve opening on boost

    My Baileys piston valve opens when you play with the throttle too
  3. SKINY

    MK1 GT Lazy RPM Meter.

    Swap the rpm unit over, they are getting quite hard to find now tho. 1st Call ask Jay here :)
  4. SKINY


    Aye they are a good chunk of cash these days, mine was 1800£ 6 years ago 6 months mot :) What I spent on welding was near the price of it fslool, then the rest.
  5. SKINY

    Wanted Quad light Ep82. wiring loom

    I've seen his page, it's impressive looking work he does. Try Jay 1st tho, dial 999 and ask for mountain rescue for him beforehand tho :)
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    Here's a Mad idea, Just buy a GT :)
  7. SKINY

    Turbo spool question?

    The controller I have here has gain and boost, gain is how hard the turbo comes in, nearly sure even the Profec A in the Caldina has it, it has 2 step setup, it reads boost and gain
  8. SKINY

    [Photo] Green starlets

    A good olde kneecaps in a bag should sort them surely lol
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    [Photo] Green starlets

    Wonder does your dick reach your arsehole tho ??
  10. SKINY

    Meet Blu

    6 months old today :)
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    Holes are Standard at the Costa Del Vogie tho :)
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    Good few cars on Dung deal but some silly prices
  13. SKINY

    Ep80 Might be of some use
  14. SKINY


    What Jay said lol If your gathering bits up try and get a set of st182 celica gt-four pre facelift front twinpot calipers, straight fit with corsa sxi discs Have a set sitting for the GT :)
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    2 on the bay of flea, 520£ and 400£ both 4efe, 1 is an autobox so probably has had a nice easy life *not all autoboxs have easy lives.....*
  16. SKINY

    AE86 or GT86

    Some kinda ass hat :)
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    1200£ ish for a forge kit from Id-Works, 3-500£ for engine work and building up plus 1K for that fucked engine Wouldn't be a kick in the hole away from the Distro robbery for a standard lump Could maybe find a cheap 4efe starlet but doubtful given where we are fslool
  18. SKINY

    AE86 or GT86

    Not even a Toyota tho
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    Have you sourced an engine?
  20. SKINY

    No Thermostat Fan Switch?

    I would have just left it running all the time, what if you forget to flick the switch tho Mine runs all the time for extra cool points :)