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  1. 5e colin

    5E bottom half vs complete 5E

    welcome back kid 4efte and 5efe head is the same only the valve springs differ you need to forge that bottom end to run the chinky turbo anyways to make it come alive up booooost 10/12 psi on 5efe rods is pushing it
  2. 5e colin

    st205 four pots to glanza

    ho ho ho marry xmas ha ha you use the corsa c gsi disks there styrait bolt on with levin calipers ( twinpots ) i have no isseu bleeding them
  3. 5e colin

    Effects of rear end collisions

    Cheaper to re shell the car mate starlets are super soft to start with the car will cost to much to fix if main monococ is out of shape
  4. 5e colin

    Merry Xmas TGTT

    happy xmas tgtt
  5. 5e colin

    Cool auction finds

    they dont know yet you caN buy a standalone for 600 now specific for ep82/91 from, me electronics the old p&p ecus will have to come down for sure
  6. 5e colin

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    Its even hard to get a scrappy 1 down in the republic now to last time I saw 1 on the road is 16 months ago in my area
  7. 5e colin

    4efte ep82

    The car should stall when pump disconnected mate if voltage and ump are OK then it a pressure regulator or open injector I think This is a funny 1
  8. 5e colin

    list of parts d2,cusco, oem, wepr, engines,rota and more

    He was last online in may 2015 I doubt you get an answer he left ukso to by the looks of iit
  9. 5e colin

    All the way from Botswana ep91

    welcome to tgtt enjoy your stay
  10. 5e colin


    ya thats the way to go the tfo35hm turbine shaft it a very little bit bigger then ct9b ( glanza V ) turbine shaft so spools the same , then you hybrid it with a 19T compressor wheeel and housing you will have a 43mm inducer yay smiley face its 3mm larger then stock tdo4 compressor wheel which...
  11. 5e colin

    New member

    howdy kid
  12. 5e colin

    Boost spike/creep?

    the stock map has to stay in place when the pfc unit has the E304 rom inside !!!!
  13. 5e colin

    Boost spike/creep?

    ya if i was you adjust the actuator more softy ( fc is bad for engine ) unscrew the arm til it just slots over the wastegate arm pin or hole ( depends on turbo a or b ) our stock turbos wastegate hole is sooo tiny thats where the problem lys coz of your free flowing exhaust you will not...
  14. 5e colin

    Skiny here

    Welcome amigo
  15. 5e colin

    New member finally joined

    welcome to the club
  16. 5e colin

    Boost spike/creep?

    port out wastegate penny hole it couses boost creep start by turning the actuator down to 6 full revolutions back and try again
  17. 5e colin


    im in the same mind set latly want my car stock again sick of al the spending and uncomfort it bring parts are getting scares down south cant even find a front bumper anymore
  18. 5e colin

    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    i like the pfc fcon if your selling let me know
  19. 5e colin

    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    great job happy days cam log in more often now
  20. 5e colin

    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    are you selling these parts jay ??