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  1. dac69er

    Aftermarket injectors

    I got some Subaru pink injectors. They pretty much fit with some minor mods. The blue ones fit too with similar mods. They are about 550cc ish from memory.
  2. dac69er

    GT bumper support bar

    Be careful getting it blasted. Even nee ones are thin old metal. I've found a clean up and some stonechip is all that's needed for them to last really well
  3. dac69er

    What’s best forged rods to use?

    The maxspeeding ones will do fine for 90% of people. I went with PEC on my build, but as above, all those ones mentioned are much of a muchness really. It's more what you can get hold of and the best price. PEC swayed me as I heard they didn't need the block notching which saved me some cash...
  4. dac69er

    Is this engine block scrap?? 74.9mm

    A machine shop would be best placed to make that call as they can see it. If they think going to 75mm will remove any markings on the cylinder wall, then it should be good. If it's 74.9, but it's still pretty damaged at that point, then it would be a no go.
  5. dac69er

    Front and rear screen rubbers

    Windscreen fitters do supply replacements which are pretty decent. Not really the same as genuine though, but you wouldnt know unless you have them side by side. Will be pretty lucky to get genuine replacements!!!
  6. dac69er

    Rattle / tapping when dropping to idle (video link included)

    Could just be something rattling and that rpm is the point where the harmonics are just right to make it vibrate. Check the sandwich plate between the box and engine has a bolt in it at the bottom as that can rattle if not. I would also be a bit concerned about your piston slap sounding like a...
  7. dac69er

    Adjustable panhard rod

    A couple of hours and you can make your own one for cheap. Probably easier than fitting those crappy whiteline ones.
  8. dac69er

    Drain fuel

    I found tuning developments fine tbh. I've had more issues with ID works in the past
  9. dac69er

    Drain fuel

    Fuel pumps are a pretty easy job. Just be a bit careful undoing the joint ontop of the tank as you can round off the nuts if you aren't careful. The pump itself is a more of less straight swap. Sometimes you don't even need to swap the connector over if you are lucky
  10. dac69er

    Turbo spool question?

    Stock td04 isn't bad at all imo. I have one of those on my other car and I like it. I did like the hybrid ct9, but just felt I needed a little more oomph
  11. dac69er

    Turbo spool question?

    It was a full kit from wepr so I hoped they would sell something that was tried and tested and would work well! Part of the exhaust is heatwrapped. Mostly due to it running close to certains things as the fitment is so so. I have an orc clutch with lightened flywheel, so sorted there. Tbh, I...
  12. dac69er

    4efte standard timing

    I am not a mapper so I wouldn't want to say. You just need to check the fuelling is correct for the load of the engine and make sure you aren't getting any knocking (preignition) from advanced timing.
  13. dac69er

    4efte standard timing

    with these settings, it runs fine. its just a bit flat power wise. i wouldnt want to run it long term without getting remapped. it may be ok, but it i wouldnt want to chance it without it being checked.
  14. dac69er

    4efte standard timing

    these are the injector and base maps from the power FC for 4efte. in short; the injector map can be set to be a target AFR or a correction map. the base map is msec injector opening.
  15. dac69er

    4efte standard timing

    There is, I can upload this tomorrow. However, the power FC does the fuelling a bit strangely. It is the function of both a target afr map and a correction map. As long as you bear that in mind, then you will be fine.
  16. dac69er

    Turbo spool question?

    I will be honest, I kinda preferred the car with the hybrid ct9. I have thought about going back to that. Although my ep85 with a stock td04 is quite nice, the power is more gradual so it is more fun on the road than they hybrid td04
  17. dac69er

    MK1 GT Lazy RPM Meter.

    A lad on here had some luck replacing some capacitors. Do a search on here as it was a pretty recent thread.
  18. dac69er

    Turbo spool question?

    I agree, it feels to me like it's turbo related. Wouldn't be so bad if I got better than stock td04 power with the lag characteristics. But I have pretty normal stock td04 power but with the lag characteristics. The worst of both worlds! I'm tempted to junk to turbo and just get a stock one. It...
  19. dac69er

    Turbo spool question?

    Yeah, I have the gain and set gain. Set gain is the point at which the controller starts to control. Before that the waste gate is fully shut (or should be at least). I have this set to 0.95bat I believe. I can't set it much higher than that otherwise I get over boosting. I will take a video...
  20. dac69er

    Turbo spool question?

    My forged build has pretty much stock CR. I specifically did it that way to cut down on any lag or poor response. I'm just a bit disappointed with the whole thing as it's not as powerful as I had hoped and the response isn't great either. It's actually ok off boost tbh, but it's the way the...