1. mark1991

    cobra bucket seat into ep82

    i just got a cobra bucket seat am was going to starlet making brackets to mount it to my ep 82, i was wanting to use the standard belt. the seat has got sliders already fixed to it so it just needs a sub frame and something to bolt the seat belt to. just want to see if there was a easy way...
  2. M

    Bride or recaro seat rail for ep81

    As above looking for rail for a bride seat to suit ep91 Ireland preferred but doesn't really matter just recieve it quicker.. Pm with info
  3. M

    bride ep 91 rail

    would there be much difference or modding to fit one of these into ep82???
  4. M

    bride rails

    are all bride rails universal to a bride seat??? i have an ergo just about baught and found a rail really cheap it has all the stamps and all but it says this on advertisement "It is under the driver side stopped for Semibake old hybrid."??? anybody help me with this???:rockon:
  5. Rumel786

    pic request

    i have seen some fabric i want to purchase from nengun but they dont show the pic of it!its the solid blue bride fabric,want to use it for my door cards but want to see colour shade before purchasing.anyone got a pic by any chance?