1. H


    Hi guys We buy All Toyota Starlet GT Turbo & Glanza models Any age, any condition,any mileage, with or without MOT, spares or repairs, needing TLC, SORN vehicles, Rusty, Damaged, needing work ETC we buy them all Hassle free sale, all paperwork done correctly, collected anywhere in the UK...
  2. D

    EP82 TRD Short shifter vs C's Short shifter

    Recently I got a short shifter which I found it is a C's short shifter, Does anyone using it? and how it perform compared to the TRD one.
  3. x-MissEp82-x

    Bloody 'ell its been a while.

    Well hello fellow starlet fam! Special mention...Hi Duncan......yes...its me! Its been what? 8/9 years since I last logged in. I still have my 1992 ep82 that I purchased back in 2012 and very appreciatively met Duncan and he helped me so much on the car. I truly will never forget. NOW SHES OUT...
  4. ObeysEp82

    Trying to find these side skirts!

    Hey guys! Just signed up to the forum, I'm new to all this stuff so bear with me haha I have this body kit that comes with this side skirt. One side of the side skirt is fine yet the other side is broken into two. I cannot weld it because the material is PD (got told from an autobody store)...
  5. A

    Clifford alarm/immobiliser issue mk3 gt turbo

    Recently purchased a mk3 gt turbo ep82 and it has a Clifford concept 650 installed. The alarm went off last week, I disconnected the battery after it stopped because I don’t live exactly where the car is so I don’t want it going off all the time when I’m not there. Now it won’t start...
  6. rid1ridz14

    Carburetor to EFI - 4EF to 4EFTE - Help

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. I have a few questions about a swap that I'm attempting to do with a few friends. Swapping a 4efte into a carburetor ep82 running 4ef engine (4e carburetor engine). What I've at the moment; - running 4efte engine with ecu and wiring, its actually in a...
  7. N

    Car wont Start in the morning.

    Hello guys, i have a starlet GT ep82 4E to 4FTE Converted car. i installed the new engine recently. i cant get my car to start in the morning. my mechanic cant see the problem. oil pressure everything good. its need to circle the ignition to start in the morning and it barely starts and after...
  8. L

    WTB: EP82 GTT Quadlight

    Hello all! I'm looking to buy a gt turbo EP82 Quadlight at the moment and wondered if anyone was selling (or thinking about selling). I'm not fussed about the colour or anything like that, ideally want something clean/fairly clean that runs fine and would be a suitable daily. Even if you are...
  9. TylerGlanza

    Ep82 Floor pan differences

    Im looking for some photos of the underside of an ep82 so i can compare with an ep91. Ive managed to pick up some floor pan plates which were listed for an ep82 but im hoping the ep91 is very similar if not the same. So if anyone has some post em up in here!
  10. Dieskay

    Too much left lock and oil leak

    I'm new to this mechanical stuff and bought a 1995 Toyota Starlet but I've been having a few problems with it: 1. It seems to be leaking alot of oil over by the area where the belt is 2. Whenever I lock fully to the left the wheel rubs the lower control arm alot but when I lock fully to the...
  11. K

    EP82 Front Right Fender

    Hi guys, I'm new to starlet ownership and my Starlet has a nasty rust hole in the front drivers side fender (Japan driver's side of course) and it just isnt worth a repair if at all possible to get a replacement. It's black so i would prefer a black one, but beggars can't be choosers! Thankyou
  12. Mungaih PK

    Celica GT4 ST205 Big Brake Kit

    I have a non-ABS EP82 GT turbo. I intend to go big brake and I have identified 4 piston calipers off a celica gt4. Now I know several people have done the conversion, am wondering what's the best discs to use with the calipers. I want to maintain my current 4*100 stud setup. And will I need to...
  13. R

    For sale Jam Racing Ecu

    Im selling my Jam Racing Ecu for 4efte M/T 2 socket. Never been opened Seals are intact I'm asking $350 (USD) Pics to follow Send me a pm if interested
  14. Mungaih PK

    New Member, from Kenya

    Hello guys, Am Mungaih, a new member from Nairobi Kenya. I have owned a EP82 for slightly under a month now. It's stock. I'm glad to be here. I expect to do a lot of work on the car, and will definitely be seeking for advice from here. Starting with forums for breakers. I need lots of parts. I...
  15. R

    LF: Jam Racing Ecu M/T for ep81 or ep82 (4e-fte engine)

    I'm looking for Jam Racing Ecu, post or pm offers. Thanks!
  16. Spence10

    Membership,Paid Members, Donations etc...

    Any1 help me out, too as where the button is for helping out and becoming a paid member etc etc Cheers...☺
  17. A

    Hello from Canada - Newly running EP82 4E-FTE here

    Hello everyone! Even though I joined the site quite some time ago (with good intentions to do this EP82 4E-FTE swap into my car) I've not taken the time to post in the welcome section. I'm the proud owner of a very clean 1991 Toyota Tercel DX (purchased back in 2006) that has an EP82 4E-FTE...
  18. S

    Vanity tray

    Hi guys, I'm after a vanity tray in mint condition, any leads would be highly appreciated Thanks
  19. wildchild

    WANTED! Oil Filter Bolt, Gbox mount, Shifter, center shroud & More

    Hi Guys. Iam looking for the following parts for an EP82.. * Oil filter bracket center bolt * CT9 oil return line * CT9 water Lines * Camshaft bolts * intake plenum rubber hose which fits to TMIC at throttle body * CT09 cold air intake (aftermarket) or stock intake hose (plastic) * Gearbox...
  20. M

    livesport type b front lip

    Hi people, I'm looking to buy a livesport type b front lip for my ep82 and was wondering if there are any differences between the one of rhd japan and the rep off I'd workz. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.