1. Matty_ep82

    Full air con system wanted

    This may be a shock to most people but I'm looking to fit the air con back into my car. I need everything in the air con system. Compressor, rad, pipes, brackets and bolts. After driving the work car I realise how much I actually use the air con and now want it in the GT. Thanks, Matty
  2. wildchild

    WANTED! Oil Filter Bolt, Gbox mount, Shifter, center shroud & More

    Hi Guys. Iam looking for the following parts for an EP82.. * Oil filter bracket center bolt * CT9 oil return line * CT9 water Lines * Camshaft bolts * intake plenum rubber hose which fits to TMIC at throttle body * CT09 cold air intake (aftermarket) or stock intake hose (plastic) * Gearbox...
  3. G

    EP82 parts needed! *parcel shelf*

    Hey guys! Anyone got a parcel shelf for a EP82 they would be happy to part with? =] Also looking for; Seatbelt anchors, front and back Back wiper motor Spoiler break light Thanks =]
  4. C

    looking for wings :)

    Hey guys new to this site and looking for both wings for a Glanza EP91 import 96" currently changin the front end of my starlet but need these asap for its MOT... any help appreciated. Cheers
  5. J

    Something wrong with toytuning?

    Hi guys, is something wrong with toytuning? just bought some stuff two weeks ago but never recieved back anything from them, also sent them a few mails but with no luck :S, someone knows something? its not the first time buying from them but never had any trouble...
  6. D

    will i brake it???

    just wondering lads n girls if i was to brake my gt what kind of money do ye think i would get for the parts engine turbo box all 100% body clean 2 just cant seem to sell it??:(
  7. quadcorecraig

    Part Numbers /Price

    Feel free to add to this! easy for people to get what they need Toyota Genuine Part Numbers... EP82 [1992] Name: CAP ASSY, DISTRIBUTO Number: 19101 - 11080 £17.38 EP82 [1992] Name:CORD [main HT leed to center of cap] Number: 19590 - 11020 £13.57 EP82 [1992] Name: ROTOR ASSY Number: 19102...