1. R

    Help need!! 5efte build!!

    hello, am in the process of buying rods and forged pistons for my 5e turbo build. Anyone can help me choose the pistons (wiseco,wossner or cp) or kindly share their experience.... As for the rods am going for pauter. :):):)
  2. J

    Wossner piston question

    Hi guys. Was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advise. Im in the process of rebuilding my engine with Forged internals and came across a very reasonably priced set of Wossner pistons on this site: http://www.futuremotorsports.com/WOSSNER-FORGED-PISTON-KIT-74.00mm.html However it...
  3. J

    Pistons + rods

    Hi guys. Im in urgent need of pistons and rods (if stiil attached) for my GT. If anyone knows of any for sale please let me know. Thanks.
  4. J

    Pistons + rods

    Hi. New to this so hopefully i'm putting this in the right place! I'm after a set of stock EP82 pistons (plus rods would be ideal) as some numpty of a previous owner decided the engine runs better with severe detonation and destroyed rings. Let me know. Cheers, Reuben
  5. wildchild

    Wanted 5E forged rods and 4E or 5E forged pistons

    Hi ppl. i need a set of 5E forged rods and pistons. pistons could be either 4E or 5E. need them shipped to Sri Lanka. please let me know. Thanks alot :) also on the lookout for a GT instrument cluster and stage 1 clutch kit. NOTE: im currently running 1.2bar on a 5e engine with 4efte pistons...
  6. 9

    WANTED:4EFTE pistons and head. 5EFHE rods.

    Hey guys,looking for some help here. I blew up my 5EFE with a CT-12 custom set up. Looking to rebuild and with the info I have found a really strong motor can easily be Built. I am looking for 4EFTE PISTONS and HEAD. I have a good 5EFE block. Also looking for 5EFHE rods. Would like to find 1...