1. G

    "Sard analyze" ecu in my new 96 starlet glanza v

    Like the title says, I just got a 1996 toyota starlet glanza v from a company in atlanta,Georgia ( I live in the states) Among this ecu the car has a factory front lip/side skirts, TRD adjustable dampening coilovers older Blitz B.O.V. Cusco front and rear strut tower brace and "C" pillar...
  2. dolpher


    Hello, guys nice forum have found really good info here from time to time I’ve gone searching through a bunch of threads on forums and I'm unable to track down the pinouts of my ECU I actually found everything else, so I was just wondering if anybody ever got them it would be a great help. I...
  3. bender

    Aftermarket radiators, options

    Hi all, I am in need of a radiator for the glanza V as mine has cracked right where the top hose enters the rad. After researching I see many people are opting for an aftermarket civic radiator (besides save room) and am just curious why people dont just put another starlet radiator in like the...
  4. bender

    ep91 starlet taillight differences

    I need to purchase new taillights for my 97 glanza V, and it seems very hard to come by the oem taillights (red and amber color only) although there is alot of reflet taillights on ebay, im just wondering if the screw holes are the same in the reflet tailliights as they are in the 97 spec glanza...
  5. H


    Hi guys We buy All Toyota Starlet GT Turbo & Glanza models Any age, any condition,any mileage, with or without MOT, spares or repairs, needing TLC, SORN vehicles, Rusty, Damaged, needing work ETC we buy them all Hassle free sale, all paperwork done correctly, collected anywhere in the UK...
  6. Frankieflowers

    Starlet Glanza/GT genuine fog lights €180

    I’m selling a pair of genuine Starlet Glanza/GT fog lights. They’re in great conditions!
  7. R

    Hello everyone

    Hello,I´m new around here,so Im afraid if Im asking this in the right place. Does anyone knows someone selling a 4E-FTE in fairly good conditions and with a good price? Particular sale or a company,it doesnt matter. Also,Im from Portugal,need someone who could ship the engines,with cash upfront...
  8. Dieskay

    Too much left lock and oil leak

    I'm new to this mechanical stuff and bought a 1995 Toyota Starlet but I've been having a few problems with it: 1. It seems to be leaking alot of oil over by the area where the belt is 2. Whenever I lock fully to the left the wheel rubs the lower control arm alot but when I lock fully to the...
  9. M

    What is my Starlet worth?

    Hello fellow Startlet lovers! Can you all help me value my Starlet GT Turbo? I am looking to sell it soon and want to get an idea of how much it might be worth. link to pictures: Green 1993 (L) I have had my Starlet for...
  10. Padders_GT

    Hi-Torq MLS 1.4mm Head Gasket

    Brand New Hi-Torq MLS Performance Head Gasket £45 Application: Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82 / Toyota Glanza EP91 Engine: 1.3 Turbo 4E-FTE / 4EFTE Thickness: 1.4 mm Product Code: 100160 Taken from their website; Hi-Torq MLS performance head gaskets are at the forefront of sealing...
  11. Spence10

    Starlet bits

    Hks fcd £40 UnichipQ £20 Titan Red Wheel Nutts 4 packs off 4.. £40
  12. Spence10

    Starlet Scene,Meet Convoys

    Whats the Plans For 2018... get the starlet Community back way a BANG☺ Meets,Convoys too Places and get togethers North and South etc Shows...
  13. E

    Locating OEM and aftermarket parts.

    Hey, guys. I'm throwing this in here because this area of the forum makes the most sense, I suppose. I live in Canada and Starlets are virtually non-existent. I've scoured the web for Canadian JDM parts distributors and they tend to have cool stuff for Supras/Chasers/Altezzas/whatever with...
  14. E

    uber clean grade4 ep85 starlet 4paw for sale

    For Sale: grade 4 ep85 4paw for sale Item Condition: mint conditioin for year Price and Conditions: 3500 or nearest offer.. price is negotiable Extra Info: bought this over when i spotted it as iv not seen an ep85 3door manual at the auctions in decent condition for months.. this is a pure...
  15. D

    Wanted*** ep82 rolling shell or ep82 running car

    Looking for an ep82 gt to buy. Could be a rolling shell too. I dont mind. GET AT ME
  16. Vglanza

    1998 Glanza EP91 *Clean and unabused*

    For sale: 1998 EP91 Item Condition: Very Good, Couple of small things Price and price conditions: £3495 ono Extra Info: Will put a years tax to it and has MOT for 6 months. Pictures: Below Contact Details: 07793122072 Location: Antrim, N.Ireland Delivery & Conditions of...
  17. wildchild

    Wanted 89661- 10040 MAP Sensor

    Wanted starlet turbo MAP Sensor As above im looking for a starlet GT/Glanza Map sensor. :( Looking for the MAP with the number 89661-10040 OR 89420 - 10020 Need it posted to Sri Lanka. Pls do let me know if any of you guys have. Thanks :)
  18. S

    What is this engine?

    Can anybody identify this engine? I saw the photo a while ago on facebook, but it didn't have any details... I was thinking it looks a bit like the old corolla engines but not sure. How reliable & tunable are these engines? Also, does anybody know how much work is involved in shoehorning it...
  19. G

    EP82 parts needed! *parcel shelf*

    Hey guys! Anyone got a parcel shelf for a EP82 they would be happy to part with? =] Also looking for; Seatbelt anchors, front and back Back wiper motor Spoiler break light Thanks =]
  20. wildchild

    My Kouki EP82 GT pics

    1995 kouki Ep82 GT, 5EFHTE fully forged