1. Frankieflowers

    4efte SWAP in Corolla E11 4efe

    Hi guys. i swapped the engine and there are issues to fix. Communication between dasboard and ECU/sensors like RPS signal, alternator doesn’charge, engine check light on. The car doesn’t start at first ignition. It need several cycles before it starts running. The problem happens only when you...
  2. K


    Hey there guys it s my first post on this forum so please be gentle . Building a 5efe with 4efte parts now i need an ecu and was wondering what you guys where using. The ep82 2 plug ecu or the ep91 3 plug ecu. And what s the difference immobilizers ? Thanks in advance
  3. D

    Swap- 4EFTE to 3T-GTE

    Being a newbie, i had to come up with this weird question:homer: I'm thinking of swapping my 4EFTE to 3T-GTE...... has anyone done it ? Are performance parts freely available? will the build be costlier than 4EFTE? Any thoughts? suggestions?
  4. T

    Engine swap on a 1999 Rav4

    Hey people, I'm trying to turn a Rav4 into a tuner rav (Just without all the bullcrap rice add-ons.) So first thing I'm trying to do is swap the engine for a 3SGTE 4th or 6th gen engine into my rav4, will the engine work with the AWD setup or not? If not what engines should I use?
  5. B

    ep70 engine overhaul(1E to??)

    Hi,Names michael,,new to dis!! i currently am d lucky owner of a ep70 starlet!! She has the 1E wngine and im just not happy wit dis,dont get me wrong,its 100 per cent but just doesnt suit my style of drivin.. If anyone could tell me what engine and box fits straight into these plaese let...
  6. B

    Bonnet/Hood Question

    :confused: Does anyone know if I can fit an EP91 Glanza V Bonnet/Hood on to a late model Corsa/Tercel? Are they too short? I expect there would need to be some mods done to the front grille of the Corsa/Tercel to make make fitment easier, since the bonnet on a Glanza seems to meet the front...
  7. quadcorecraig

    swap BMW, EP82

    hey my mates looking into coming into the EP world and i am really wanting him to aswel... hes got a BMW 318is coupe 1.8, 16V, M Spec and its a really tidy motor rear arch on left side needs tiny bit of work but allround its a sweet car... lowerd allround and m tech dampers, m tech...