1. Dave.

    Emanage Blue to Emanage Gold how to?...

    Click here for guide Found this PDF as I was trawling through the internet. What do you guys make of it?... Apparently, it is a step-by-step guide to converting an EMB to an EMG. Opinions?! Dave
  2. The_Notorious_C_A_T

    Timing belt and water pump guide *

    Right, set out to do the timing belt on my car as per my garage post, here's a little guide how to do the belt, and the water pump. Note this may not be the perfect way at all (very likely tbh) but it worked for me. But constructive opinions are always welcomed as it's really to help folk who...
  3. WallaceGlanza

    How to reseal your sump guide

    An oil leak can become a serious problem if not taken care of and a leak from the sump on our starlets is a common thing, since there is no gasket on it and just sealant which is easy to apply poorly and hence not seal properly. Getting the sump sealed properly can be tricky but using this...
  4. A

    Make your own Starlet Earth Kit *

    Ive noticed these on more and more Race/Track prepped starlets coming in through Trevor of late so thought there must be good reason for them. Upon inspection of my starlet the only earth I discovered was one wire going from the battery down onto the frame and one little strap onto the front...
  5. Dub-Se7en

    Fitting Turbosmart or similar Manual Boost Controller

    In-cabin Type more instructions here in-line type more instructions here
  6. Dane_Bristol

    How to Remove an Engine Guide *

    Hi All, I removed an engine one the weekend from my mates GT as he done in the piston No. 3. I took the old engine out of my Black GT that was written of in December and transferred it over the weekend into his GT. Here is a rough guide with some pictures as there is nothing on here that...
  7. Rory

    RRFPR Fitting Guide *

    A fitting guide, supplied from "thechomper" http://homepage.ntlworld.com/dub.se7en/TGTT/RRFPR.pdf Thanks to dub-seven for hosting the link.
  8. HutchGlanzaV

    Walbro fuel pump fitting guide *

    This is how I did it fellas, feel free to point out any glaring mistakes or death trap creating over sights! First off, Your gonna be working with an open fuel tank so best to get this in before you go out. Once you've killed the nicotine monkey you can begin. I started off by...
  9. Jay

    Hi/Low Solenoid Bypass

    The hi/lo button switches the turbo boost pressure from lo (.40 bar) to high (.65 bar). Contrary to popular opinion it's not a fuel economy influenced feature, it's actually to provide traction in wet, slippery and colder conditions. The car will be fine running in high mode on a daily basis...
  10. Jay

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    Part number : 23300-19395 Price : £36.04 The fuel filter is located on the bulkhead next to the airbox. It is the cannister on the left in this pic: Pretty sure it's a 14mm spanner to undo the connction below: A 17mm spanner for the top connection: Have some rags...
  11. Dub-Se7en

    Cambelt replacement guide

    Thanks to HGA05 for this, i've hosted it so others can benefit http://www.dubse7en.co.uk/starlet/timingbeltstarlet.pdf enjoy :gt-smilie:
  12. chinaone

    How to change coolant guide *

    Most of you know how to do it anyway, Since i have taken pics of while i was changing the coolant, heres a guide to help some out. First take off the splash guard under the drive side. As picture, white plastic screw at the bottom of the rad. It can be unscrew by hand. Soon its unscrew the...
  13. Spoonz

    Aircon Removal guide

    Hey need a link for removing AC if any1 got 1
  14. Jay

    Thermostat Replacement

    After several years of faithful service, thermostats can be prone to sticking. Always recommended to renew these as a preventive approach. Remember to renew the gasket at the same time. Part number : 90916-03046 Price : £16.02 (right of pic) To be changed along with thermostat...
  15. Somhairle

    Manifold & Turbo - Removal - Monkfish *

    Posted Originally by Monkfish I was asked by a few to take some pics of the work while I was doing my manifold. :) When I did mine, I drained the oil as I was planning to change it anyway. It's not necessary though. If you do drain the oil, here's a handy tip. Use an old oil can with...
  16. C

    fitting a HKS actuator

    here is the info needed for a hks actiator to be fitted....btw make sure you buy the right actuator as early cars pre 92 were hole type and later 92 cars had a pin type actuator.... good luck!;) http://www.tercelreference.com/articles/hks_actuator_installation/hks_actuator_installation.html...
  17. C

    boost gauge fitting

    now il go through this of how to fit a boost gauge you will need 1. 3+feet or vacuum tube 2. 1 T-peice 3. boost gauge(of your choice) 4. 52mm-60mm gauge holder-(bracket) vacuum tube and t-piece can be bought from local motorfactors i bought a TIM 52 mm gauge off a mate for £5 with...
  18. Jay

    Removing & Reinstalling the Instrument Cluster

    Step one: Move steering wheel to lowest position and pull both indicator and wiper stalks down out of the way too. Step two: There's two star head screws holding the dash surround on. Unscrew them and pull the trim forward. It's only clipped in at the bottom. Disconnect the mirror switch as...
  19. Jay

    4EFTE Oil & Filter Change

    An oil filter change is required every 10,000 kms as the filter becomes clogged with the particals it is filtering from the oil system. Failure to comply to this servicing requirement can compromise the engine's health and reliability. When renewing the oil filter it's a sensible time to...
  20. azerty

    [Tutorial] fitting new injectors + direct swap list *

    So here it is, as I've just changed my injectors, here is a little tutorial for those who would like to do it themself. First of all, Ask your girlfliend (or boyfriend) to gently clean your engine when your are happy with the result, take some pictures of that memorial day then, only...