15% OFF Enkei Wheels (RPF1, NT03, COMPE, etc)


CyberSpeeds has been appointed as an Enkei Wheels Distributor, I want to take this opportunity to offer an introductory offer for Enkei Wheels.

We will update more info on the Cyberspeeds website ( http://www.cyberspeeds.com ) in the near future.

The price list can be found here: http://www.cyberspeeds.com/Pics/Enkei/2014EnkeiPrice.pdf

To save time, I will list a quick over view of the model and prices.
You can check the complete range at http://www.enkei.com

The above prices are inclusive of VAT.
Size Chart can be found at the Enkei main website: www.enkei.com
But here is a few common model that people have been requesting:

RPF1: http://www.enkei.com/size_chart/RPF1.pdf
NT03+M: http://www.enkei.com/size_chart/NT03.pdf
KOJIN: http://www.enkei.com/size_chart/KOJIN.pdf
COMPE: http://www.enkei.com/size_chart/COMPE.pdf
APACHE II: http://www.enkei.com/size_chart/APACHE_2.pdf

15% Off Offer Intro offer:

We will be bringing in our initial stock from Enkei.
So I want to make a special offer to members on the forums if you are after a specific wheel.

I am looking to offer 15% off the RRP on all Enkei wheels.
What that mean is a set of RPF1 in 17x7J will only cost £792, and a set of COMPE in 15x8 will only cost £578.
That got to be a bargain for original Enkei wheels brand new in a box.

Shipping will be £25 to all UK mainland.

For those who are interested, please put your name and wheels of interests below.
I will try to put a list together to ensure the wheel you want will be in stock. :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or Email me at info@cyberspeeds.com



If anyone are interested, please E-mail me at info@cyberspeeds.com

Please list your forum, forum name, and the wheels you are after.
I am now putting a list together for those who are interested in wheels. :)



Interested in RPf1 in 15x7 but not too sure what offset I'd need so it doesnt rub.
I am not 100% sure as I am not very clue up on wheel fitment on the EP82.
I think a few owners use 15x7J ET35 before and it fits fine.

15x7J ET41 just sit in 6mm more, so it isn't a massive difference. I would think ET35 will be fine.



I've had a fair bit of trouble with ET35 offsets on 15" rims in the past. Usually we should aim for ET37 or ET38 (some wheel styles still scrub for some reason) so you could buy the ET41 and use 3mm spacers to make them ET38.

If issues persist an adjustable panhard rod should sort it out.

Hope that helps,



Just to say I updated the price list to reflect the price with the 15% discount.
So that mean just pick your wheel and add up the prices.

Shipping to UK mainland is only £25 extra for all 4 wheels.

Any questions, please feel free to let me know.



Hello Everyone, it has been a while since this update.
We have now completed all the admin work, and we are ready to get this deal started.

Wheels have now been update on our webshop, you can browse the selection of wheels and check their retail price here:

If you are interested in getting in the deal, just order as normal on the webshop
At checkout, just enter the voucher code ENKEI and receive 15% discount.
Any order over £550 will also receive free UK shipping!

This a one time only offer and we won't be offering the same deal again.
So if you want a good deal on awesome Enkei Racing Spun Forged Wheels such as RPF1 or NT03+M, this is an offer not to be missed.

We will be placing an order with Enkei and estimated delivery time could be up to 6-8 weeks.
Once the wheels are in stock we will stop this offer, so this discount is an special offer for your patient.

If anyone have any questions, please feel free to PM us or drop us an E-mail at info@cyberspeeds.com

Jerrick / Edwin


Enkei Wheels NOW IN STOCK!!!

Therefore, this initial discount offer will be finish on Monday and we won't be doing it again.
Those who are interested in the deal and need more time, drop us a PM and we will try to work something out.
If we don't hear from you, then this offer over once monday arrives!