2 Day Restore - Jimmer's GT


I can remember a time when this car's engine bay always drew a crowd at meets. That rocker cover caught the sun (and a few envious looks) so well.

After selling the mods to get his own place the car has sat for a long time in pieces so when offered the chance to get her back up and running I was more than happy to help out. I wasn't entirely sure what was required.

The answer was a lot more than I had thought!

And a pile of parts too:


And after a little cleaning, polishing and TLC :

Started first turn of the key too so first signs are encouraging. :)

One happy breadvan driver:




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ahhh!! good to see this one back on the road! its been a while hehe.

nicely done jay :D



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yup good work jay.. havent seen jmmer driving her in a long time!! :(

i really miss the glanza btw lol:(



Cheers lads, was great working at a blast from the past. Just needs a few bits (you can spot a filter and some clamps missing in the pics) then she's up for MOT. Once that's done we'll get everything running better. :)

where do you get them bonnet struts?
Look in your boot buddy! ;)


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wat did you use and do to make the intake mani and rocker cover so shiney.. mine never turns out that good.


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Lol i only just noticed this thread!! lol as everyone says, top work by Jay, i was amazed when i arrived back to see how he was gettin on and he did all my hard work of cleaning for me, top man lol. You will hall be glad to her she passed mot without a bother, and have been enjoyin the summer in her once again, Jay has carried on being a legend helping me sort out some niggles.

The inlet manifold took me about 20 hours of dremmelling, sanding and polishing lol. Much work, but worth it with the results.

And the bonnet struts are simply boot struts i bought off ebay for 99p and fitted them under the bonnet, just a bit of measuring and drilling, and they have been perfect for the last 3 years. They have enough pressure to lift the bonnet from about 6 inches from the catch lol.