3sgte back firing


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I got a turbo 3sgte that is sputtering on acceleration. The car also sputters when I hold it at 4 grand or any high rev. It sputters than accelerates. Does anybody have any idea what this problem is from.


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any engine codes? does the car run ok under 4k rpm? any other issues on idle or low rpm?

i would suspect ignition or map sensor to begin with.
i had this with my mr2, it was a tooth out on the cambelt, the problem was the bottom cover that is used to mark TDC was off so everything looked ok.

if you wanna pursue this as a potential problem take your rocker cover off, the cam shafts are marked with the head for the timing, also take a spark plug out and use a screwdriver to check TDC instead and compare it with the camshaft markings.

took me a month to figure all this out.


Could be as simple as a bad sparkplug, if you don't see any fault codes it's worth removing and inspecting plugs, leads, rotor arm and distributor cap to check their condition.