4efe distributor wiring question


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I am installing a ems 8860 standalone ecu on a 4efte and have worked everything out except the wiring for the trigger and sync (home) wiring to the new ecu
It is a 4efe harness
I am running a 4efe distributor with internal coil are they a 4 tooth trigger ?
Can someone point me to a wiring diagram for what each wire does in the two plugs for the distributor
Or what colour wire I should be connecting to to for the trigger and home

Any help would be much appreciated

Maury from down under!
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Thanks for the reply Weejohn

But I have had another look in the awesomely helpfull section and can only find things that relate to 4efte
Am I missing something somewhere


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Ok think I have finally worked it out
Can some just confirm this
My trigger from the ems ecu is a green shielded wire from what I can work out it goes to the NE+ pin 21 on the 4efe ecu and the ignition output wire from the ems is a pink wire from what I can work out it goes to IGT pin 6 on the 4efe ecu
Do I disconnect pin 21 and pin 6 and connect the ems ecu wires to these or do I just splice in?
If I splice in will this effect the control from the ems ecu? I know I can splice in water temp air intake temp and those sort of things just not sure about the ignition
side of things as I want to still run the 4efe ecu to keep control of everything else
Also on the 2 plug 4efe ep91 ecu does it control the radiator fan? As the wiring pin out diagram I have doesn't show a pin out for the radiator fan or do I just run the wire from the ems ecu to the fan relay

Thanks for any help in advance
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I dont know how to wire into the EMS ECU so I cant help you there, sorry. The fan is a seperate circuit from the ECU, but its linked to the air con system as well. The main circuit parts for the fan is the switch, which is the sensor mounted on the thermostat housing, pointing towards the bulkhead, its a 1 wire connection. It switches a relay in the engine bay fuse box which powers up the fan directly from there. You could use the ems to control it by simply wiring the fan relay coil connections to your EMS ECU, or leave the switch to do it.


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Thanks for the reply the fan info is very helpfull
Just in general if you we're going to wire any aftermarket ecu to the 4efe distributor would you use the NE+ as the trigger from the diagram you posted above and the IGT as the ignition output from the ecu?
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good day everyone , i just rebuild my engine from the ground up and when connecting all the wires back i notice my distributor wires pins came out the holder and im not sure what order they go back in .. can someone help me out ? #4efe