4efte manual


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I have a 4efte manual lads translated aswell, will send it over by email or whatsapp if you want :)

Hi James, can i please have a copy of the 4efte manual?
I searched everywhere and cannot find anything. I'm planning to buy a starlet and will do a 4efte swap.
Email: hakshaye111@hotmail.com
p.s if anybody have the 4efe manual can you please send it also?


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Assalam O Alaikom

Can anyone guide me about the complete path of +12V from Battery to the Ignition Switch?

Not the schematic or Block diagram but the real world circuitry involved.
i.e. Junction / Fuse Box, Relay, Fuses... Whatever comes in the path of +12V from battery to IG SW.

I own this Car since 3rd December 2013.
The car is mostly in prime condition but due to 4EFTE engine swap and some messy wiring Jobs by our sublime electricians, the wiring is very jumbled up.

So I decided to make it neat and clean myself. Auto mechanics like easy money and they don't like to spend a week on your car and have less amount. They only do some cut paste in your wiring, make it worst and demand 400 / 500 rupees (Pakistani Currency) in a matter of few minutes.

I removed the whole wiring from ECU to sensors, engine fuse box, battery terminals, alternator, starter etc...

Now after re-doing the wiring, and re-installing....
There is no power at IG Switch. I traced the wire from IG SW to the driver side under Dash fuse box but can't go further from there. I am kind of lost.

As a last resort, I directly provided a wire from the battery and the car engineIMG-20190801-WA0007.jpg started but I don't want to do it permanently because there is no fuse involved and it is obviously risky.

If someone knows specifically how IG Sw feeds +12 from Battery please guide me. Thank you.

Thank you.


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Hey! I was looking for the manual and once again this forums has it all...haahha. Can I have a copy of it as well? I was curious to learn more about my engine and the "proper" maintainance. Thanks in advance! ( lecinikos@gmail.com ) ;)