4efte manual


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Hey James I know I already asked for the manuals and Jay thank you very very much but can you send me anything you have over please thank you very much in advance
Yeah will do mate, just need your email address though.
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I have a 4efte manual lads translated aswell, will send it over by email or whatsapp if you want :)
Hello friend, I am in Belgium and I am doing an ep70 swap 4efte c161. It would be a great help if you knew how to share it with me ... If you can do that I don't know how to thank you because it's really nice of you, it's really cool to share this with all the enthusiasts !
Here is my email: thomas.poncelet.al@gmail.com
Thank you very much !

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Hi James

Is it okay for my IDL voltage from ECU to show 4 volts when I measure with the multimeter?
My starlet engine stall whenever I press accelerator pedal very much.so I test the 3 terminal TPS connector from ECU when I switched on the engine and these where the results
PSW 5volts
E1 0volts
IDL 4 volts
Is my IDL voltage okay ?
Isnt it supposed to be close to zero like 0.5volts?