5EFE DIS (non distributor model) with 4EFTE ecu ?


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Hi guys

I have a EP82 currently running a stock 4EFTE etc.

I have done a 5E swap before no issues as it was an earlier model 5E with a distributor running the 4EFTE ecu with some small modifications to the wiring.

I have recently acquired a DIS model that runs no distributor and was wondering if it would be possible to do the same thing ?

I am not 100% sure if I could put the distributor from the 4EFTE onto the 5E as it seems there is no provision to bolt it all up.

For anyone that has done a 5E turbo build (retaining the 5E head with no distributor) how did you go about the wiring in an EP82 ?

Thanks in advance


Did you wire the 4efte ECU to work with your first 5E??? Cuz if you did?? Then you can make the change over. I have not done what your describing myself. Butt I did change a distributor based 3ee over to a DIS 5efe. Now in retro spec that was kinda stupid?? As the DIS is a much better system! But hey ... it made sense at the time. :)

But anyway ... the 4efte head and the 5efte are the same. And 5efe's came with Distributors before they didn't. I bought a 5efe distributor and it pretty much bolted right in. And it fit in the 5efe head without issue. I think there was a Block Off Plug for the distributor whole???

And on the front of the motor is Crank Trigger (sigh) and I did not need it. SO the wiring harness for using it was removed form the ECU! A mistake on my part but ... But I think there are two or three pin's there?? And those are what you would need to for the Distributor based ECU to work with a distributor I think???

Now that last bit is an assumption on part. But it is based on the fact that just about every stand alone ECU also has the option to go Distributor less! And it seems to take only a couple wires to do so. I'm sure someone on here can provide more details. :)