ABS brake bleeding?


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Is anyone aware of a way to properly bleed the system with abs? I wanted to make sure all the fluid was changed including what is sitting around in the abs pump.

The only way I have found people doing it is cracking the pipes open at the pump, but that seems messy and I would have thought Toyota would have a better way????
i just bleed my ABS system on the glanza the usual way... start at the farthest point going towards the shortest point...i bleed every point till the fluid is clear with no air at all points

the only time we've open the brake lines at the ABS pump is when we had air at some of the outlet points on the ABS pump after a reinstall...immediately after that was sorted, we bled at the individual calipers as per usual.

its messy if the lines are broken at the ABS pump and brake fluid is not a nice thing to have on your paintwork and parts for any extended period...so keep lots of water close by and wash down immediately
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Had a quick look at the paseo manual Duncan when I was checking the valve clearance topic earlier and couldn't see anything specific.

Just gives the standard bleeding procedure even after replacing the ABS pump.


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I will go with that then.
Didn't know if there was a specific procedure or not a i know some Toyotas have one.



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Well it was worth doing. It's probably 10 years overdue a change!!!

Fluid was the colour of Lucozade and one caliper had a bit of air in it.

Feels a LOT better now :)