All My Paintball Gear, Practically Brand New ! Bargain !!!

Everything you need to start playing

For sale: All my paintball gear this includes:

Bt-4 Marker with optional M-4/16 barrel and gas expansion chamber (Helps consistency during heavy useage) this was also an option when i purchased the marker new, front post site, retractable stock and instruction manual, also comes with alan keys and new O seals.

Vents Avatar face mask, comes with tinted visor, original case, silk carry bag and instruction booklet, will throw in my balaclava also incase anyone is scared of head shots from the back

Co2 Bottle 20 Oz - Small enough to fit in back of vest, but large enough to last a good while, these are topped up free of charge at paintballing venues, bottle is half full i can empty this if you wish unless you want to use it round your back (in a safe manor)

Remote Line Quick Release - Used to carry Co2 to the gun without having to have the bottle attached to the pistol grip, improves maneuverability.

Airtech Combat Vest - Holds 6 paint pots, Holds Co2 bottle on the back, 3x small upper pockets and 1x larger upper body pocket for maps and such, Front zip and buckle, has been slightly cut to accomidate remote line for Co2 bottle.

3x 200Hold Paint pots - Each unit holds 200 paintball appx

1x Viewloader hopper and adaptor - holds roughly 150-200 paintballs

1x pair of armored knuckle gloves - Life saver is you take a shot to the hand

Also if you like i can chuck in a set of Millitary issued DPM gear (green camo) i have it from work but since we moved to MTP camo i no longer wear it, im rather thin so take this into consideration, smock will most likely fit though.

Item Condition: All items are used and in perfect working order. Only small defenct is the front post needs a tiny screw with a nut at the other end to secure it on could pick one up for 50p at any hardware store, marker works fine without it.

Price and price conditions: £300 Collected & £330/£340 delivered quite a bit of weight

Extra Info: Im selling due to never getting to use it and someone else could enjoy the kit to play paintball or to shood some cans over or even for their own kids. I can count on one hand how many times ive used the marker and it was always cleaned and oiled after every use to ensure it stayed in top working order. Please be aware this is NOT a toy in the traditional sense, and should not be used without proper protection IE mask on at all times whilst the gun is live, thick gloves when connecting the Co2 bottle. Do not point this gun at anyone in jest as you may discharge by accident and the velocity setting of this gun can be calibrated very high for fast fireing and longer range and if a paintball came into contact with someone at this speed could blind or worse perhaps even kill them, I cannot stress this enough, treat it with respect, but overall have fun with it. here is a paintballing forum i used to use

Items will all be cleaned prior to posting.

Contact Details: Chris, You can pm me on here, email me at or give me a text/call on 07590913508

Location:Glasgow, Scotland

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: £30/£40 Uk delivery item is weighted for realism purposes