###BC Racing Coilovers Now In Stock, £560 deliverd to TGTT members###

We now have available the new BR range of coilovers from BC Racing.Before releasing these we wanted to test them on our own car and the results are excellent:).

These give a nice firm ride on road without compromising the cars handling and are easily adjusted to suit any track work. We have a few sets on customers cars and they have been delighted with them.

Separate ride height and pre load adjustment
32 levels of damping
Pillow ball top mounts
Spring rates F6 Rear 4
Huge 46mm piston diameter
Superb black and gold anodised finish
Steel lower mount with brake hose fitting
12 months warranty

£560 delivered
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Spring rates F6 Rear 4
What are the spring rates of the new and old D2's?

The Evo guys use these too and the reviews so far seem to be very good.

Only one thing at the moment which used to be shouted about a lot with the D2's was that they were able to be repaired and serviced in the UK.

At present I don't think the BC's can be?

I am going to look into them a bit more, but so far feedback seems great!
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Since these are new and custom designed, do you think they could do an EP95/85 coilover set?


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They would need standard shocks to work from
kool, will supply them early next year when i start working on it. your helping cameron with his project too, im sure he's gonna wait them around the same time. his EP95 shud land end of October month hopefully.


It's the rear shockers that are the issue with the AWD. The fronts are just standard EP82 units so that'll half the production costs immediately..:)


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My mate has brought some of these for his Colt and they seem good and his handling is awesome.

Might invest in some of these.