Boxes from Japan - Pics thread


Yea I only found out last year bud, late 90s he was bringing all sorts in, the street was like a jap car show at times
Just opposite the BP garage he was at.
Such a character he was :)


Few more odds and ends brought in.

So glad to see that front caliper land as my Caldina is in serious need of one, the rears are just for backup.

Brought a set of fancy front pads in to compare to the stock ones I've been rolling with for the last 18 months.



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@Jay Are you finding that the shipping costs are astronomical atm?

I looked at importing some livesport wings for my GT and the price of shipping was more than the artefact! Mental.


The shipping is a killer on most large items unfortunately.

Was asked about them a few months back so priced up shipping a few sets in to reduce shipping. Worked out around £600-650 landed per set which I really couldn't justify. If I figure out how to reduce the final figure I'll let you know.


I payed 6 £ for post for a fecking keyring from the mainland :mad:
Gotta get them Tone X HKS in before they are gone :D
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