Breaking Bad


A quick heads up on some of this summers projects..

Picked these two ladies up for breaking but one has found herself a home already. Just have to put a bit of work into getting her back up to standard. Haven't even looked at the V properly so it's fate is to be decided.

Detonator V2 perhaps? :haha:


Very rare (factory) colour of quadlamp :


And I thought this sort of crap had died out lol:



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I do like those colour for GT's.

Hopefully that one will be back on the road?

The old sticker bomb down the back window is still very much alive and well!


Aiming for another restoration all being well. They are too rare in that colour to do anything else. Anyone breaking a mk3 should make themselves known in case I need random trims. :haha:


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That gt is a lovely colour. Get a spoiler on there. I'm sure you'll have it up to scratch in no time. Good work as always.


Yes indeed.

The green lady was tidied up for Rab on here and has since headed on to a new owner. Should still be rolling around somewhere. Long story short:





JJ on here bought the black V and it's still in development.

Nice to save a few from the scrap heap!


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Absolutely, I was never really a fan of this teal colour, but oh my she has polished up lovely.

How do you do it!

I'm really struggling with the rotten egg GT I bought.

The floor was botched on welding and has rotted. The sills have rotted too.

Upon investigation, the car appears to have had a major accident at some point in its life.

Get this, the chassis appears to have been split and rewelded. New sills and a rear quarter.

Nothing came up on a MyText Check. My Dad reckons it happened early in the cars life, back in Japan :D

I just laugh, it's amazing how much abuse my car has seen, but restoring it is an absolute nightmare. To own one as mint as this, that would be the dream.