Brochure and memorabilia collection


The Glanza die-cast are hard to find these days but if I spot any white ones I'll give you a shout.

Seems to be a mad scramble for the ep82 models too, I've added one to the shopping list in Japan. If I don't treat myself no-one will :D


Nice haul, didn't even know there was a standalone brochure on the wheelchair conversions o_O


My brother came round today, first time we seen each other over Xmas, and he got me a starlet model as a present,

It's made by Hi-Story

It's very impressive, the interior detail is very good, the correct seats dash and steering wheel etc, even the Speedo.

Edit: after posting this I see it these models have already been discussed.

I've decided I might start a collecting JDM diecast models seeing as car prices have gone through the roof and imo are unobtainable by normal folk