Con artist

hopefully the authorities can investigate and get to the bottom of it everyone can knows for sure (facts)
wow...somehow i can't recall knowing the tgtt had a facebook page...lolol
possibly slipped me mind...but then again, i'm not much into a lot of the social media an "old-timer" i'd stick to the website regardless :cool:


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Got sum screen shots from previous conversations of fake accounts chats rude if you don't agree with his type payment option lol, ripped lots people off big time.
Will keep an eye out (",)


Here Fitz stick all the screenshots in this thread please.

The other threads got cleaned when I hit the spam hammer button.


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Do not play here u bitch never :eek:Screenshot_20200523-091754_Gallery.jpg


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seen posts from him on facebook today trying it on with the vanity tray again.