Covid 19

i just wanted to tell the members to be careful out there with this serious corona-virus pandemic. i wish the best for you and family/friends during this period. stay safe. hopefully it will be over as soon as possible and we can get back to some life normalcy and modding cars.


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I'm convinced I had it over xmas, had all the symptoms and properly felt like crap for 3 weeks, chest was wrecked with it too, I'm prone to a chest infection but this was waaaay worse :eek:
I was absolutely RUINED over christmas.

Still came into work though :D

The worst part are the idiots hording stuff.

I literally left the shops yesterday when some lady was like, "Oh I heard they were running out of milk, so I got some extra bottles just in case"


Honestly winds me up. She had like four 4 pinters of milk. Leaving nothing for the rest of us.


Arsehole mate, yea really no need at all for it, I haven't been near any supermarket from last Thursday, no point it's all been hoarded, some woman ran the trolley clean into me couldn't see past the 5x 18 pack off toilet rolls she had, I called her a good few names before the missus dragged me away :mad:


Yes, everyone please keep themselves and their families safe.

Plenty of economic hurt on the way too but the danger to life is the main threat. A lot of people are going to go through a tough time so be mindful and help if you can.
yeah, seems the fear is driving normally reasonable people to do irrational things. seems the trend here on my relatively small island is to buy toilet paper, vitamin C, canned foods and toilet paper in vast quantities.
its similar to when we prepare for a hurricane,,,but the toilet paper hoarding is new :confused:.

for sure the supermarkets are loving it
I'm convinced I had it over xmas, had all the symptoms and properly felt like crap for 3 weeks, chest was wrecked with it too, I'm prone to a chest infection but this was waaaay worse :eek:

just from some very basic reading and news it seems to affect people differently depending on various factors (age, immune system strength, pre-existing medical conditions, etc.),,,but the global death toll has certainly escalated


Saw this on MR2orc and figured it might help somebody out. According to what I've read this stuff doesn't have the same kick as alcohol-based sanitizers (save the vodka, has to be 60% proof) but worth sharing nonetheless:

"Just as a public service announcement, hospital grade hand sanitiser can be made easily at home by anyone for about 8p per litre. 250 litres for less than £20.
You need to order one litre of Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC50) for about £18.50 delivered to your door. It used to be about £10 a litre, but unsurprisingly has gone up a bit recently. Readily available online.
When you get it, take 20ml of the BAC 50, put in a 1L bottle and then top up to 1L with water. You now have 1% Benzalkonium Chloride. (BAC1). Do not use this to clean your hands with. Be careful doing this as the raw BAC50 will burn your skin.
Then take some of the BAC1, put it in a "foamy soap" bottle and dilute with 4 more parts of water. Add a little PG or VG to moisturise. You now have hospital grade foaming hand sanitiser. (It works just fine without the foaming bit). Add some essential oil or vape flavour if you want a nice scent.
This stuff costs less than 10p per litre to make at home. Dont let people rip you off for hand sanitiser!"

PG = Propylene Glycol
VG = Vegetable Glycol
Both easy to get as it's the base of all vape liquids,and present in most of things in your kitchen/fridge. "

The world seems to be going daft buying this stuff and toilet rolls at the minute. Making toilet rolls seems a little more complex unfortunately..

As mentioned, most authorities are stating alcohol solutions are more effective so if you are having to pay over the odds make sure it's those ones you are paying the extra for!

Stay safe folks :cool:
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Nice advice :) i have 5L isopropyl alcohol 99.9% in the shed if it comes to an apocalypse :cool:
Also folks seem to think the cheap as chips hand cleaners are no use, as long as it says Antibacterial on it its fine:cool:
On another note, 2 folk down in work this morning with symptoms so see them again in 2 weeks maybe, luckily enough I'm by myself in the truck all day so dont interact with them close enough.
Italy is fucked, 21 day quarantine and if caught out within that time your jailed for 21 years for pre meditated mass murder o_O
I've enough to keep me busy with Dina parts for a few days and the GT will be dug back out if we go into lockdown :D
Driving tests cancelled, MOT I'm sure will follow so its going to be a free for all I'd say, I'm currently driving around in the rescue corsa no mot but exempt and 4 year old cars cant o_O


Feels like we are a few days away from a lockdown at this point. Could be argued that we should already be there by now.

Also feels like we are a few weeks away from the wild west. Courts will be closed so as you said, it could get messy!


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Its the most strange situation we have had in our liefetime.

Its strange driving around though as things on the roads seem normal around here.

Lockdown if things start to go like Italy are only days away if cases start to sky rocket.
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Macdonalds, Costa, Starbucks, KFC etc all going into lockdown from Today :eek:
Watching a few videos over the weekend and the way folk get on at times like these is pure disappointment :oops:
Think it was Miami beach, but anyway it was on lockdown and it was ram packed, the police turned up to clear it and there was nearly riots, madness :mad:
Closer to home in Donegal they are telling stupid people to stay away, they all seem to think it's a good idea to head there.
I was for hitting a few mountain bike trails over the weekend as the National trust has decided to leave everything open and free to enter, but late Friday night they decided too shut them all down.
A week or so ago I couldn't have gave a flying fuck about all this but today is a complete new situation for us all
that's the thing. It just seems like some people are acting selfishly and in total disregard for the seriousness of this pandemic---until it comes "home". A more caring and hygienic approach could go a long way in slowing the spread, easing the already depleted hospital/emergency resources, containing the issue and ultimately resolving the problem.


People just don't care, no other explanation for the behaviour off them :oops:
Coming past MacDonald's there and the que off arseholes in the drive through is right out the car park and fucking idiots are actually blocking a major junction in the town here o_Omeanwhile at the doors I'd say there was a good 20 people all stood together having a good chat, like what the actual feck
So far Northern Ireland has only had 2 deaths but this figure will rise dramatically if people don't listen, they are talking about extra storage capacity for the expected dead.
My work is still going but we have been hit with 2 down over the weekend, I drive a 75 ton dumper in a Quarry so we are all isolated all day, BUT the infected men's trucks still need deep cleaned and then left alone for 5 days, supervisor decided to move one off the trucks, he then got into another 4 machines potentially spreading the virus around, that's now 5 machines down and a skeleton crew, no point hiring machinery in either as you don't know who or what has been in it???!

Tesco etc doing the bit for essential service workers opening just for them, my Missus is a social care worker so that helps our household out, but and I'm not 1 bit surprised that folk actually had the nerve to fucking PRETEND to be essential services, I hope all the selfish and thoughtless cunts end up getting it and die a painful death, Karma is watching youse cunts:mad:

Rant over, apologies for the language if anyone takes offence but I'm maddened by society lately:mad::mad::mad::mad:


For those of you that thought 2020 was going to be your year, better luck next time o_O

At this rate I expect an alien invasion by September.

People are idiots Skiny, I'd say we are all safer staying at home except for essential travel. Our place is closing the doors at 6pm tomorrow, should have the outstanding workshop operations finished up within a few days. Feels like it's overdue at this point.