Covid 19


Lockdown extended to the 1st April now, the south are expecting more, they are currently under a 5km travel ban too and the African strain has landed down there too :(
we've been under lockdown here too, initially for 2 week to mid February,,,but it's been extended until the end of February now.
i just try to keep busy doing home/vehicle maintenance and undertake remote work when on the job


Hows everyone keeping then ? I've just learned to accept the madness and I'm feeling a whole lot better Mentally for it :)
But just as things are all getting back to normal and more places are opening up again the daily cases are on the rise again ffs :( neighbours on both sides total 4 households in the last week have came down bad with it and a family across the street, guess what.
All double jabbed.
Not much use that vaccine is ? We still haven't had it and wont be getting it either, its still in the testing phase. Funny how everything takes years of research and then they just wheel this vaccine out and say yea that's grand lol.
Cannabis for example, decades of research has went into the benefits of medical use and been proven to work, it's been legal to be prescribed but nobody can get a script for it because of government wankers dragging the heels, meanwhile the rest of the world is using it in some shape or form.
They keep gurning about no money for the NHS, legalisation for recreational use then dispensed properly would make them Millions overnight and fuck the crims up into the bargain.
The government hates you :) 30 years I've been using it, started recreational then had a bad bike accident at 17 and it was the only thing that brought me proper lasting pain relief and helped me mentally also :)

I've decided to start getting back in shape again, it's been 10 years since I've been at a gym and a lot more since i kickboxed so I decided to sign up at ProKick gym. Founded and ran by Billy Murray 4X world champion x4 weight
Fuck I'm unfit ! Lol but loving it, training twice a week now, 4 weeks left on the advanced beginners program then thats the yellow belt syllabus learned then go for my yellow belt grade :) then keep at it. Been doing a good bit of mountain biking aswell and I'm going to start run/jogging again, thinking about ice skating again to keep the leg work up, I played ice hockey for the junior team for 4 years from I was 11, another thing I should never have stopped lol

So hows everyone else doing then :)
well, i've just been taking one day at a time. Covid19 does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, so i try my best to keep the distance, follow the protocols and be cautious, though it's impossible to be 100% on the ball all of the time.
as seen in the other post, i've been trying for a few months to get some new coilovers, but had some hiccups along the way and stock seems short all over, but still have my fingers crossed. the plan is to refresh the car's suspension/bushings/steering one time. After all its a 21 year old car now :). And the older i get the less i enjoy messing about with it, i just want to do maintenance and leisurely drive it on the odd weekend and enjoy the a/c:D.
Like yourself, i tend to exercise a few days a week, mostly biking and free/body weight exercises based on youtube videos. Again, it's important to keep some degree of physical, soul and mental health however we choose to do it.


Waxed and vaxed baby, ready to go :p

Looking forward to seeing some live music at long last. Actually playing at a wedding near the end of the month too which will be fun.


Its been a strange stint since this happened. It is nice to see some normality, had lunch out on Sunday and a few pints and it all felt very normal.

The vaccine situation I will leave up to others to discuss but I respect everyone's individual decision on it and think it's pretty sad how anyone who asks, in my opinion, valid questions is labeled "anti vax". In general when people try shut down conversation and differing viewpoints it makes me very uncomfortable.

I usually travel a lot for work and am looking forward to getting on the road/air again. This is is the longest I have been in one place in quite some time and it's getting old.

The Cannabis situation @SKINY brought up is another example of the people making the laws being out of touch with the people impacted by the laws. There are clear benefits to legalization and it has not happened yet, why? And of course we will have the usual push back from those who point out the issues some people have with it and when you engage with them and discuss how legalization would help regulate the use by underage etc they just stop listening, they don't want to hear logic. What it boils down to is this ... You legislate for the majority and not for the minority. Same with alcohol, it is enjoyed by many and we don't legislate and ban it based on the few who abuse it. Arguably alcohol is far more damaging even when consumed in moderate amounts.

Things do change however. I remember walking around San Francisco in 2010 with the missus and it was her birthday and we were gearing up to have a good day/evening. You could smell weed everywhere but no one was selling it bar a few dodgy looking people on corners. Fast forward to 2020 and I was staying in a very nice hotel in a nice part of San Diego and there was a huge dispensary right nextdoor, a wonderland for the shopper. In just 10 years they have taken this from street corner sellers to a high class retail experience, it's amazing.
It has been tough here with covid. Just over an entire year in lock-down, with a few small gaps in between, during which i have had more success than others around me, i bought 2 cars, the first being a forester xt Smack bang just before covid hit, Which we had some fun in, and sold. And the second My starlet GT that we luckily managed to grab in between lockdown 1 and 2, a gap of 1 week. Oddly enough 8.5 months of it has been a blur due to how badly the shops we had tasked to repair the car had performed, and the depression that has resulted From that.


Nice to see chest Infections and common cold and coughs back on the menu in time for xmas :)
Was up most of the night fs


hope you feel better soon
plus Jay's exorcism is sure to work wonders
Cheers bro lol, another restless night but still 99.9 sure it's my annual chest infection, I had a year of last year strangely enough. Will be ordering more tests tho just to be sure. Cough bottles and painkillers tho :) lol


3 weeks near I was fucked with that chest infection, tested negative flat out whole way through it.

See our government has just introduced vaccine passports for gaining entry into restaurants etc. Nothing like a bita bribery.
Bring on the riots, wee country allready about to blow over Brexit never mind this new manouevre :)