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Hi folks,

I'm looking to fit a 2e distributor to my 1e engine. The 2e distributor has 3 wires one black, black/orange and blue. If I take the black/red wire from the coil ballast and connect that to the black/orange on the distributor then connect the blue wire on the 2e distributor to the connector that the 1e distributor condenser was connected too, everything should work or that wrong. Sorry for the long thread

Many thanks.


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Could you post some pictures of the wires and connections? My knowledge doesn't stretch beyond the 4ef(t)e. But pictures may help the ones that do have knowledge about the 1e and 2e.
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This is the first non 4e starlet I've owned so I'm unsure about these.
I've the black/orange connected to the black/red from the original coil ballast, I'm guessing the black wire is revs? Blue wire I'm unsure of. The engine is turning but no spark