Do Corolla Levin discs/rotors fit Glanza Calipers

Thomas T

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Hi Guys,

I can buy 255 mm 4x100 22mm corolla discs for my Glanza.
OEM discs/rotors are 18mm thick, does anyone have experience with these? Do they fit?
Any changes necessary with the brake pads?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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They may fit, but due to the total "thickness" of the disc they probably wont be centered between the pads and require spacers behind the discs to get them centered between the caliper. I've never had new brake pads yet in front so I can't guarantee if the stock pads have an extra 4mm to give, most likely not.


Seen it mentioned somewhere Yaris discs fit, if I've a chance over the weekend I will measure the set I've here :)