Enkei Wheels available from Cyberspeeds soon.


Cyberspeeds have acquire distributor status with Enkei international. :)
This mean we will be stocking and distributing Enkei wheels in the UK / Europe.

I am sure Enkei require no introduction being one of the largest wheels manufacturer in Japan.
Their forged wheels are one of the best in the market, and their pedigree goes from OEM application to Formula1.

We will be stocking their Racing Line, Tuning Line, and Classic Line.
More info on each wheels such as size and offset can be seen at www.enkei.com

Here is a quick view of what is available:

We want to make a special introductory offer to members.
So if you are interested in some high quality original, just list out what size and model you want, and we will look into it.

We are still working out the retail prices, but it will be competitive with international prices.
However, special offer like these mean you can get your hand on a set of Enkei at a much reduced price.

So if you are interested, let us know.
We will post up the offer shortly once we work out the retail prices of the wheels.

If you have any questions, just let us know.



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Lovely wheels,

ESPECIALLY the rpf1s!!

those in white or gold are lovely on a gt.



I just put up a new thread with offer and some RRP of the Enkei wheels.
I have to say price look very competitive, and the with the introductory discount should make it a pretty good bargain. :)