EP7# 4E-FTE wiring diagram


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ep91 to ep70 is the same as ep82 to ep70. Done this a few times, just make sure you make a good loom with a circuit opening relay. If you don't and you crash the car the fuel pump will keep pumping which is not something you want if the car catches fire.
I can post a diagram I made for that ep71 loom, you just have to match the ep91 wires to the ep82 wires.

Here is the diagram. Please note that the relays (A1 and A2) are used from some old ep82 aircon relays) (those two right in front of the fusebox under the bonnet.
Plug B is a plug i used to connect some wires to a walbro fuel pump in the engine bay, and some other things
Also note that this diagram includes an fcd.
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