EP82 instrument cluster Fuel Gauge wiring Test

As you can see here, this is the back of my old cluster, which houses the Small Fuel Voltage meter
My Cluster Caught fire along with most of the harness forcing me to haltech ecu/harness swap the car, the short term downside being no fuel gauge readout, so i endevoured to fix it Short term before it is rewired into the haltech IC7.

IG+ is ignition,
G.U is ground
F.u is signal.

it was a complete success. :) granted i do not have a dash to put it in, but yeah . i now have Oem accurate fuel level


here is the part that sits on the other side of this ^


the rear side of the fuel meter below.
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Ok nevermind, i figured it out. Behold
Preliminary Results were favorable.
This now means you can undo your old destroyed dash, remove the fuel Assy gauge, as a temporary stopgap to adding it to the haltech dash / dash of your choice. not really a great aesthetic for long term, but its great for those of us that might not have the confidence to mess with haltech gear / wiring, fearing we may destroy it.
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