Ep82 optional extras wanted


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Looking for a few optional extras but mainly the ones below but I knowvyhey will be hard got but pm me what you have anyways

Lookin for a blue tip parking pole for the starlet
Must be mint and have full wiring loom and check if it's working before I buy please

Also lookin for a rear clean box for an ep82 not an ep91 as its a different shape

Ep82 rain sensors with wiring diagram

Mk1 navi boy and in good working order .. Sorry about the bad picture but it's all I have at the moment


Thanks for lookin any info would be great on these
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just the easy stuff left to get lol never even knew the rain sensor existed. Good luck finding them all, will be some collection when done


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Just the easy stuff left now ha if only they were easy to get ha

Iv still a few to get just wanna get there more as there the hardest to get