Ep82 upgrades


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Hi all.
Im in syd aus and I've recently bought 95 gt complwlty stock and with extremely low kms ( not dure they are legit) so getting it looked over at a mechanic.
Radiator coolant I'd near black, what looks like oil/grease build up in the intercooler piping plus the power steering is all there but has been disconnected so hoping the mechanic can hook it back up. If there is no major mechanical issues I'm after some advice on upgrades.
It's very limited with parts here so that is a little concerning. So if I was to get the ct9 or hybrid ct9 apart from exhaust and mani and intercooler is there any other mods I'd need to do ? Or if I was to go the tdo4 route whst else on to of this dobi need so support the upgrade safely, im not after a track car, I just want something reliable/run
And help would be greatly appreciated


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You'll need some form of ECU control. The Stock ECU will cut ignition if it detects the boost going too high, so running a hybridised turbo setup is going to incur fuel cut.

Either a P&P ECU, Piggyback ECU or a Fuel Cut defender is required.

IMO, I would keep the car as close to stock as possible and enjoy it for what it is! A cracking little turbo hot hatch.


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I hear you mate.
Maybe just port the stock mani, turbo back exhaust and pod filter.
Is the oil build up in the top mount intercooler piping dude to lack of catch can?