EP82 Workshop Manual REQUEST Please contribute.

just confirmed the price its NZ$150 (thats because not many people showed up as requested to order a copy and they decresed the number needed and increased the price from NZ$100).

So please those who ordered a copy and recieved the email just make your deposit as soon as possible so the process can begin very soon.

Its a gd news for us all that we have been waiting so long to be published!
please for those who made requests for the EP91 Manual make deposits as requested as soon as possible cause im in touch with the translators and said that only few from those requested a copy made the deposit already! Please decide so the process can continue without any problems.

as deposits are being payed, translation has begun on the manual :) but still alot need to confirm the deposit as a weak response have been till now!


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Hi guys,

I don't wish to rain on the parade & sound negative, but I'm the owner of both an EP82 GT & a Mitsubishi Legnum VR4.

We went through this company to translate the workshop manual for the Legnum. A lot of people signed up & paid the deposits. The company was all fine just like as reported on here until the deposits were paid.
Let's just say the process took a LOOOOOOONG time, where the company simply was not repsonding to any contact from any of us. It took threats of legal action to get replies from them.
Once, finally, people started randomly getting their 'translated' manuals, there were HUGE parts simply missing from it, plus parts that just had not been translated at all. They never sent a draft to us for proof reading or anything. Just simply sent them out, here you go this is what we felt like doing.
In the end, the opinion was that the manual was pretty much worthless as it didn't provide what were asking for in the first place. I myself didn't take place in the order thankfully as there are a LOT of people really pissed off with this company.

I do notice on their website they are selling the Starlet 'workshop' manual for $150.
All I can say is that if it's anything like their Legnum manual, it's definately not worth the money.

Sorry to sound shitty, but I thought I'd register & provide my two cents...
all the diagrams have what torque the bolts should be tightened up to. It does have some tolerances in like valve clearances ect. its pretty good and covers the whole car. maybe not absolutely everything though. the pictures and diagram are very good and theres loads of them. I got the translated owners manual off ebay the other day too as it has a few mentions of the 4wd starlet so was an interesting read.

regards this guy, its pretty gd manual and technical too so cant expect that the EP91 will not be the same as the EP82 one!
the process of translating already begun about 2 months ago i think although the quota was not reached but will be good to have more interested in this Manual. Also deposits were made too but still not heard any news from them about updates. anyone heard something??
I received this reply on the 8th of June


Yes we have started translation but not a priority at this stage as we
haven't been able to get many deposits, we will begin calling all who
haven't made deposits to try and get the numbers up. We will publish
this manual regardless but there are other manuals that have now taken
priority because of the bad turnout of serious buyers.


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im defonately getting one of these i could do with one as this will help me with my mechanics and improve my knowledge! nice 1 lad iv been looking for an ep82 manual again nowhere does them