FMIC comparisons - King thread

maybe we can do something here which will benefit all the members:) out there looking to buy/change intercooler set ups

all comments and opinons are my observations......feel free to agree, disagree, state yours, etc..:)

what i find interesting is that some FMIC kits are advertised as a direct fit.....THEN u realise u have to trim your bumper to within mm of its life to fit these said kits------IMO the massive trimming should be an option available to the owner, if he/she so chooses to do this to allow more air flow or if they just like that “look”,,,,,it should not be a requirement unless fully disclosed on the kit itself

and again, with some kits u are require to remove your crash bar (ep91) or bumper stay (ep82)…….which both of these items are on the car for a reason… you all think it’s a good idea to remove these items?

now don't get this statement confused......i understand a little trimming may be necessary----given the fmic was not an oem part on the starlets

however, i see people taking out massive chunks of their bumper to fit some of these cores----which are kind of thick and/or tall in the scheme of's what i've observed

Wepr….core thickness is said to be about 430*230*45...fits up pretty good...he has a race type available if needed

Greddy – core 600*194*76---ep91....just a little trimming near the inlet/outlet pipes...if u are an impatient person you would end up shaving off too thickness is really about 2.75"

hdi -----580*210*100...massive shaving of bumper

autobahn—600*260*70----maybe remove crash-bar/bumper-stay, little shaving

maybe others can comment on hks, blitz and I know pete did one a while back

all the above FMIC kits seem capable of 250hp (maybe even more…lol)…from what I’ve seen
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Evo VIII FQ400 core fits, JUST! lots of trimming to the bumper :p

good idea with the thread btw, very handy ;)


Blitz Front Mounted Intercooler

I used the early Blitz FMIC kit on my automatic GT as the autobox complicates intercooling piping routes. Other kits seem to foul the automatic ATF dipstick.

Here's the pictures:








Overall there is a noticeable power increase and duration but it has increased turbo lag as well. This is due to the extended lengths of piping and routes used. After upgrading my ct9a to a b this lag has reduced considerably for some reason.

WEPR Front mounted Intercooler

My choice for my own project GT. Beautifully crafted pipework with thick walls provides minimal heat transfer from the engine. Smaller core seems to aid spool up and improve response.

Downsides include the rigid couplings and unimpressive jubilee clips but these are easily replaced. The pros far outweigh the cons.




Autobahn88 Front mount intercooler kit


Immediate thoughts were for the pipework - it's very light aluminium from what I could tell. The cooler is large and heavy, seems a good size for high power setups.

Couldn't help but think I'd seen it somewhere before then I compared it to a later spec Blitz kit which I had lying about. Check it out:





As you can see there is a scary resemblence between both kits. The Autobahn is a straight copy using lesser materials to save on cost. This seems to work on all except the pipe that goes over the manifold in the first pic.

Blitz used mild steel, Autobahn have used aluminium which will not protect the airflow from heat. That's poor design in my eyes but the kit does exactly as intended - cheap and cheerful.
good stuff JAY
i know the greddy fmic kit comes with aluminium piping also and very strong hoses---very light

wepr looks like polished stainless steel piping to me

the piping route of the first blitz ki u had ...seems excessively long....guess that's why they redesigned it

and autobhan does seem like a copy of the leter blitz ---i've seen/heard this i assume it has some of the same fitting issues as well ??

also in relation to the ct9a vs ct9b...that could be due to age and/or simply the fast the ct9b seems to actually spool faster than the ct9a due to the extra blade and maybe
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Never seen the Greddy kit myself.

The WEPR is good thick stainless steel piping. Has a certain 'wow' factor.

Kiss goodbye to most of your lower bumper underneath (splashguards,etc) and there is a fair bit of trimming required inside the bumper to make way for the core. Fitted one to my mk1 a few weeks ago and it looks neat.

The piping on the first Blitz is scandalous, you couldn't make it any longer without cutting holes in the wings. Doesn't seem to be an issue now I've fitted a ct9b though?

The autobahn88 is a copy. Pure and simple - I compared the components to the later spec Blitz kit (in those pics). Lighter piping, I think they used coke cans but the core is heavier than the blitz core.


you couldn't make it any longer without cutting holes in the wings

I fitted the WEPR kit on my Glanza and it required virtually zero cutting of the bumper and slight cutting of the splash guards under the car. I have to agree that the pipework on the WEPR kit is very impressive. I would think that for most applications it would be an ideal size.


i like the autobahn kit,

pipe work seems to fit together really well, and the later kits come with decent strong t-bolts for high boost. yes the piping is light and thin, but do you need it heavy and thick?

the core itself is of very good qaulity, it is a bit big for the glanzas though, it does require cutting of the bumper, and splash gaurds, but still keeps plenty of support on the bumper.

i have not seen a blitz kit, and if the qaulity is less in the autobahn than the blitz, then i can live with that, as it does the job well enough, and i think at half the price of the blitz and hks kits, its worth it's tiny flaw's

and as for the pipes heating, you can just buy some heat reflective lagging, if it's an issue.

mine on the rollers had a constant inlet temp of 46º, thats with just the pipe that runs over the manifold, and the pipe that goes to the inlet manifold, wrapped in heat lagging
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Never seen the Greddy kit myself.

The WEPR is good thick stainless steel piping. Has a certain 'wow' factor.

The autobahn88 is a copy. Pure and simple

i have a greddy kit lying know hybrid runs one and SWEARS by it.....this is a guy who has run several different turbo set up with different power its a very capable kit:)

my friend has a WEPR piping kit ...and i'll be honest....the "blng" factor is definitely there...the thing looks like u should display it in the main dining room of your

and yes...based on your pics (evidence speaks for itself)....the autobahn88 truly a

seems like the first blitz went out of thier way to find the longest route then:)....which also reminds me of a buddy's custom made kit, which takes a very similar route...i estimate about 10-13ft of piping used
Jam racing-670*205*70.not alot of cutting either and crash bar can stay

this is very i find these dimensions very similar to the Greddy unit....with a similar outcome in terms of trimming, etc

maybe these two jap companies know something:)....i wonder why blitz went bigger/taller than these two?!?!

and i know a lot of the jap companies usually make kits which can accomodate thier "upgrade" turbo kits---k24, 26, these kits can usually hold around 300hp in some cases (maybe more or less)

Mike D EP82

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there may be alot of cutting involved and have to craft your own top mounting brackets but the hdi is superb quality, little lag, inexpensive and it looks the bollocks as it is massive


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just like every other JAM, spoiler, manifold, etc:p

lol i was so car came in from japan with one on it.was delighted.ta id say it was designed for responsiveness on the ct9 turbo as its way longer than the others.this makes sense as the jam glanzas in japan all run a bar boost on the ct9
What do you think on Greddy FMIC? as i have one to fit and was wondering what type of work it needs to be fitted in a Glanza and if such trimmings is needed to the bumper! My friend already had one and it fits perfectly even with A/C installed! Piping are not included,so they will be custom made (probably from stainless steel) and will be made for the best possible shortest way! Any ideas?


Some great info in this thread, keep it coming folks. It would make sense to gather all the FMIC options into one thread for future reference.