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yer ive seen them but im a bit confused on what one exactly have you got a link and does it come as a kit (i.e pipes) and does it need alot of bumper cutting???
its a kit..comes with intercooler, piping, silicone hoses, clamps..its made to fit the stock ct9 set up
it can fit behind the bumper....just need to trim the bumper slowly and neatly...its not a lot of bumper cutting


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just got a 2nd hand blitz with the piping but the silicone joiners are a bit shabby, anyone know where or if they can be bought seperately??
this one worked pretty well with no need to cut the bumper.

kit is intended for a civic dseries turbo conversion.

as you can see a few joins are sourced at random and this is something i will sort another day but at present this is in and working sound:














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maybe we can do something here which will benefit all the members:) out there looking to buy/change intercooler set ups

all comments and opinons are my observations......feel free to agree, disagree, state yours, etc..:)

what i find interesting is that some FMIC kits are advertised as a direct fit.....THEN u realise u have to trim your bumper to within mm of its life to fit these said kits------IMO the massive trimming should be an option available to the owner, if he/she so chooses to do this to allow more air flow or if they just like that “look”,,,,,it should not be a requirement unless fully disclosed on the kit itself

and again, with some kits u are require to remove your crash bar (ep91) or bumper stay (ep82)…….which both of these items are on the car for a reason… you all think it’s a good idea to remove these items?

not dont get this statement confused......i understand a little trimming may be necessary----given the fmic was not an oem part on the starlets

however, i see people taking out massive chunks of their bumper to fit some of these cores----which are kind of thick and/or tall in the scheme of's what i've observed

Wepr….core thickness is said to be about 430*230*45...fits up pretty good...he has a race type available if needed

Greddy – core 600*194*76---ep91....just a little trimming near the inlet/outlet pipes...if u are an inpatient person u would end up shaving off too thickness is really about 2.75"

hdi -----580*210*100...massive shaving of bumper

autobahn—600*260*70----maybe remove crash-bar/bumper-stay, little shaving

maybe others can comment on hks, blitz and I know pete did one a while back

all the above FMIC kits seem capable of 250hp (maybe even more…lol)…from what I’ve seen
Which intercooler (and pipes kit) is proper to fit a 4efte in a Corolla E11? Thanks


A starlet pipe kit would maybe get you close Frankie, maybe have to extend it a bit to reach the core I've no idea. As for the core measure up and go from there, I have a core on the GT more suited to a gt-four :Dits 4 inch deep 8 high and 30 wide lool it wouldn't look out of place on the Caldina that's for sure :D
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Just an update:

Here's a quick look at our wickedEP Racing EP82/91 FMIC kit.

Our kit utilizes a Garrett core (rated to 550hp/less than 1psi press drop) and has the shortest piping route possible on EP chassis. Not to mention its the best cooling off the shelf kit available for Starlet Ep82/91

Fitment: Stock location C T9 or direct fit for any WEPR manifold kit. AC compatible
Options: rear entry option for SUPER short piping route (not a/c compatible)
What's included: Cooler/short route hard pipes/hoses-clips-mounts

NO bumper cutting required on EP82.

For more info PM us via our Facebook or email


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Great video Sacha, definite difference there that you would actually feel in the real world.


If I ever owned a starlet again, I'd get the Sacha kit fmic, exhaust, turbo kit. Top quality and reliable components. All are proven aswell, and from previous dealings reasonably priced.
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