FOR SALE: EP82 exhaust


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For sale: straight through exhaust for ep82

Item Condition: pretty good. doesnt blow, solid with no holes.

Price and price conditions: £100 or make me an offer

Extra Info: removed from my donor car, no use to me as it wouldnt fit the 4wd. fitted ok and looked and sounded good. looks to be a mostly stainless custom main section with a fujitsubo backbox. comes with an old gasket and clamp.

exhaust is just dirty, didnt clean it when removed, it is as it was when i took it off.





Contact Details: pm, msn, on here etc

Location: suffolk, uk

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: pickup only please
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Dunc I have a Powerflow 2" stainless exhaust for a 4WD, it has a center box, the crossover rear box, hangers to suit the car, a joining flange after it passes over the rear axle, a welded on bung for an O2 sensor and one for a wideband as well and a short 2.5" pipe to fit in place of the back box if you want it loud.

Its missing a turbo flange but could be sorted easy. The car made 250bhp with it so its not very restrictive.


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thanks for the offer mate, but im going to try something a little different. just out of interest, what exhaust setup you running atm on it?

can you pm me a pic and a price anyway, i may be interested as i could always modify it to suit.