For sale thread reminder!


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i have noticed a large amount of 'for sale' threads recently have not been following the approved template.

some are miles out, some people seem to pick and choose the sections of the template they want to use.

this is to remind everyone that ALL sections must be used otherwise your thread will be deleted.



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people still not taking heed. please read the above.

just copying the for sale template from ukso is not good enough as it is not the tgtt template.


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Not being funny here, but I think people arent reading the "READ BEFORE POSTING/MAKING A SALES THREAD" thread.

Is there no way for the template to be there when you start a sales thread? I'll apologise cause Im guilty of copying from ukso in the past!

5e colin

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thats just pure lazyness of the members who dont use it

its just so easy like

go to for sale templete tread copy then open ur new tread and paste the fuckin thing

i am a noob on laptops/pcs but even i can do that


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why dont you make a pop-up that comes up when you go to post there? or make it that the template is aready there and un deleteable for that section??


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I don't have that sort of power I'm afraid.

I will bring it up in the staff forum and see if its possible, its a good idea.


From what I remember Dylan looked into that ages ago and it was beyond the forum software's abilities.

I like to think of it as an intelligence test for anyone selling stuff - if they can't figure it out then the alarm bell should already be ringing..
I don't see what the need for a template is sure gumtree doesn't use one and it's amazing

LOL stop being tards and learn how to copy and paste from a thread here as opposed to a thread on UKS#