Greetings once again!

Hello again mates! It's been a few years since I logged on lost my log in info and have been on the down low plus I suffered a stroke 3 years ago so I'm recouperating from that glad to be a live..

but now I'm planning my world domination again with my Eptercel from Las a few goodies on my car! Plus I got some ideas coming to.. either way

Glad to be back


Welcome back buddy :) good to hear your on the mend, this tercel sounds very interesting, rare sight now anywhere I'd say o_O
Thanks guys glad to be back! Yeah the Tercel has had it's history out here in California in a see of Hondas

but I was the only crazy crackhead tweeking it to those extremes! So I'll try and post up where it used to be and where it's at now! 10 years of slumber and what I plan to do on it and the goals I have for Vanessa!(named her that for special circumstances ) And how it's going