Gt turbo


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Hi there I was just wondering how much gt turbo starlets 1995 are left in the world
Did some research and can’t seem to find anything
Jay can calculate the total number of cars manufactured, but apart from that, It has been 30 years since most were made. A Large percentage are heavily tracked, parted, and OR Crashed in ditches, ( ireland had its recession that would have ruined plenty with buyback schemes) so i could easily say that 30 to 40% worldwide remain. i would say third world countries contain the most, Like sri-lanka, and similar surrounding areas, although Japan has plenty hidden away, that number is changing these days as they appreciate into the "classic" category and are almost assuredly going to all end up in Australia, The united states, And the Uk, with some being re-imported back to ireland.
this is impossible to really answer properly however.