Hello from Barbados


Fresh Recruit
Hey guys, some info about me I guess. I'm currently in the middle of building a GT Turbo Starlet 94', its right now in the workshop shelled and getting painted. I am planning to build a forged 5E bottom half and see where it takes me. I am here to learn and assist where I can, not a mechanic by trade so I have yet a lot to learn. Here in Barbados, we have a shit ton of starlets so parts a 4E parts are plentiful, unfortunately, 5E parts are hard to come by since the guys here love to race them and run through those engines like nothing. I still managed to nab one and bought me some forge pistons and rods to go. Loving the builds on here and it seems like I can learn a thing or two.

Anyways, glad to be here, look forward to chatting.


Welcome to the site bro, hopefully it proves useful :cool:

Please take the time to add a build thread to the members section, would be nice to see another Starlet getting attention (plus the Barbados scenery is incredible from what I've seen - perfect backdrop)!