Hello From MeisterR and Contact Info


Thanks Everyone,

I am always up for a chat, as it is always beneficial for everyone involved. :)

I will put up an offer later, so stay tuned for that. :)

And as always, please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or suggestions.


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a couple of my mates have these on their civics and i gotta say they are excellent quality, at an even better price!
will be seriously considering these for the Glanza!
fantastic coilovers, welcome to the site dude :rockon:


great to have you on here Jerrick.

members seem to be responding very well to your friendly attitude and willingness to discuss your products which is great.

I am waiting with great interest to hear more about the brake upgrade you mentioned above, there is great demand for an affordable option.


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hey Jerrick,

mailed off those hubs today. you should recieve them just after crimbo day.

talk soon


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I will work out a deal for the stock coming in shortly. :)

Thanks Idrees, you might notice your car in the intro picture above, I hope you don't mind. :cool:

:haha: I think I will work something out and get a review done properly on Irish Roads in Ireland.
And if changes need to be made, you will get an optional Irish Roads WRC Edition. :drive:
Nice one:beer: my back is broken from my TRD short stroke shocks definately not built for Irish roads.......:haha:


Thanks again for the warm welcome. :)

The brakes are in the work, but I want to work out a kit that would be economical but very effective.

However, due to the small standard brake on the EP82/91, this is a bit more difficult than I like. But I'll continue to work on it. :)

Thanks ENZO, I'll put the hub to good use and hopefully I can come up something for it.
Let me know how much the postage was and I'll sort you out.

The normal Zeta-R is very good already on the "comfort" section.
The new design will keep all that the same, but take out some minor issue to make the coilovers even better. :cool: