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Hello everyone!

How's it going? I'm from mauritius and been looking to buy a starlet turbo for like 2months now. I'm being patient with it. I saved a good amount of money and and want the starlet to be my first car that i own all by myself.

I will go and have a look on an ep85 with a 4efte this saturday and was wondering what should i be looking for. I want to buy a car that is in good running condition. I don't want to be spending every week at the garage to fix the car as my time is currently limited. Not saying that i will not take care of the car, it's just i dont want a car with too many problems.

Can anybody help me on what to look out for in general?
Does the ep85 4wd handle the 4efte well? Does it cause a lot of stress on the rear diff?

Thanking you guys in advance!