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Hey guys. Ive been looking for a Glanza V all over the place. Couldnt find any that are stock and at least not ready to fly when you step on the gas nor in good condition.

I just yesterday found one after messaging a couple of people that are familiar with these type of cars, on that is very stock and in a fair fair condition considering its a 20something year old car.

The problem is that it has 250k kilometers on it, engine has never been opened up or reconditioned. I will send all the pictures I have of it here.

Along with the car the owner will also give out front fenders, front bumper, garret turbo, intercooler, blow-off valve, calibers with pads and some other stuff.

The car also has the known old toyota steering wheel, the one the supra had, and not one that has no airbag. The only thing that is not original on the car is the suspension (now it has K-Sport Suspension) and possibly the exhaust but not sure as I am waiting to go see the car upfront this weekend and drive it.

The owner SAYS he changes the oil every 3k kilometers which I guess is very good as by conducting my own research I found out you have to change it every 5k kilometers on this car.

I am planning to daily this car. Please give your opinion. Thanks.


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That's a lot of km,s it's done but if it's been looked after properly over the years and it's got good compression and runs good I wouldn't worry too much about it, ask them can they do a compression test if possible, what does it drive like ?
Rust is the number 1 killer of these cars as they age so make sure you have a good look underneath and pay extra attention to the sills as they can just disappear as seen on mine lately fslol :)
There is loads of information on here, best starlet site in the world, and loads of friendly folk to give you advice :)