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I may be moving to NZ in a couple months and am looking at getting a glanza V, so thought I'd come read up about them, whats some popular mods, what common problems are with them etc etc.

What do most people do to their glanza's then? I've heard theyre easy to tune and can easily keep up with a clio sport with some tuning?

(I'm from ClioSport.net BTW if you're wondering, heres a pic of my car (lowering springs are in my garage waiting to be fitted so before anyone says, I know it needs lows!):


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easily keep up with a clio sport!!! easily tank a clio sport.
common problem is the turbo seals will go.
basic things to get are;
front mount intercooler
fuel cut defensor
air flow regulator
electric boost controller
boost gauge
upgraded leads
airfilter relocation
speed cut defuser
full exaust system
then start to look into upgrading the turbo and depending how much power and boost you want you will have to start looking into fordging your engine
strut braces
it is an active forum just hey there doesnt atract people into checking if someone is looking car advice


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The above topics have been covered numerous times mate. you just need to use the search bar. If you dont find what you need, then theres plenty of ppl to help :)
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whats your username on cliosport?

as above, seals occasionally go but a replacement CT9 (standard turbo) costs about £80 and easy to do. if your seals are gone the car will smoke on start up and when stand still. normally a blue coloured smoke.
otherwise just wear and tear.

not much between standard and standard, starlets have alot more potential then clios for easy mods and not hard to be running 250bhp without spending an arm and a leg.


Welcome along, you will enjoy the extra power but it wont handle just as well as the little French fancy lol.