Idling problem on a 4efte

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Hwzit guys I've got a Ep82 with the 4efte and have problems with it idling while the engine is hot now I've tried to adjust the idle by the throttle but still same problem another thing is I don't have an airflow meter sensor and have a faulty ct-9 turbo would that cause my engine not to idle properly?


The air temperature sensor goes into the airbox do you mean ?
And how is the turbo faulty ?

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Yes I don't have that one and don't even know how it looks like, the turbine on the turbo seized so I need to get another


If those blades aren't turning then the airflow will be restricted, would imagine that'll affect idle.
no airflow meter (MAF)...ep82 used a MAP sensor which connects to the back plenum via a vacuum hose---its usually located on the firewall
the air intake temperature sensor is screwed into the front of the plenum...not in the airbox
the seized turbine will cause you lots of issues, as your air intake and exhaust flow are probably restricted,.. possibly high back pressure and exhaust temperatures ---are you getting overheating issues?...I'd suggest you do not run the car with a seized turbo
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Well I am running the car but my coolant fans run when I have the ignition on. It did overheat once and found the cylinder head was bent and now sitting on two gaskets