Issues after installing HKS actuator

Zafar Ahmed

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Hi guys. Got myself a new HKS actuator past week. Installed it as per to the given instructions. Set it to 123mm (0.8 bar) below fuel cut. Car boosts at 9psi 1st gear. 2nd gear 10-11psi but around 6k rpm the car just lets go for a split second feels like hitting the rev limiter once. Happens on third gear as well. Doesn't feel like fuel cut as it doesn't seem violent as most members here posted about the feeling of fuel cut (Hitting a brick wall). I lowered the boost by two turns on the actuator. Boosts less but now same happens from 3rd gear around top end of the rev range.

95 Starlet GT Turbo 4E-FTE
Sard BOV
K&N airfiler
Denso IK20 spark plugs/but gapped it at 0.8mm today still the same.

Any help will be much much appreciated


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Sounds like boost creep. Surprised you didn't get it on your stock actuator, but you may have just been on the limit and got away with it as the stock one has a weaker spring.

Only options are, port wastegate, add some restriction back into the intake and/or exhaust, fit something like a fcd or piggyback ecu.

Just be aware that you will need additional modifications to add extra fuel if you fit a fcd.

Zafar Ahmed

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Hey guys great news! Changed the plugs to NGK BKR7EIX (Heat range 7). The problem is solved and holding boost well around 11.5-12PSI in 3rd gear. Next on the list is the GReddy Profec OLED boost controller. Can I use the EBC to get 12.5PSI stable throughout all the gears?


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Yea from reading up on latest Profec you can set boost by gear etc plus a load of other features, was near tempted myself but the A performs well still
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