JDM car parts directly from Japan by post.


Hi there and welcome to the site.

It would be worth your while posting an introduction in the Welcome section so as people understand your business and the person behind it. (I've seen a few or your posts on Instagram)




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Hello! Thanks for your greetings!
It's really nice. You have a great JDM car forum and great cars.
To be honest, we are an international team from different places and countries and it is difficult to show just one person. )
We are not often visitors of forums, but we will try to answer questions, as far as possible, but e-mail is better.
In brief about the business: Payments are usualy made through a Payoneer, so it’s safe and has no extra commissions. All parts are shipped from Japan directly to customers. We can carry out special orders (from Europe and China). There are only two restrictions : JDM cars and sending by post only.